The Blood Street: Another Punjabi Film Related to 1984 Banned in India

Movie Director Addresses Sikh Freedom Movement as “Bad Days”

The blood streetCHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Mumbai Censor Board has imposed a ban on the screening of upcoming Punjabi film “The Blood Street”, produced by Harji Movies International.  There were plans to release the film worldwide on October 10.

As per the film director Darshan Darvesh, “the five member panel of Mumabi Censor Board has refused to give clearance to the film and has sent it to Chennai for clearance.” He said the film cannot be screened in India until it gets clearance from the chairperson of Chennai censor board.

Darvesh added that the rationale behind the denial cited by the head of the board is that the movie could radicalize the sentiments of the youth, thereby causing unrest in the society.  He alleged that while Mumbai Censor Board added this objection, other four members favoured the movie.

“The movie showed truth of the incidents that took place during the militancy days in Punjab, consequently affecting the youth in many different ways,” stated Darvesh.  

In contrast to the statement by the director, the movie allegedly seems to show the incidents from 1984 negatively.  While speaking about the movie, Darvesh addressed the Sikh freedom movement as “Bad Days”. He said that the youth are shown vowing not to let such incidents from happening in future.


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