HSGMC Doesn’t Seek Tickets for Haryana Assembly Polls, Says Nalvi


Didar Singh Nalwi
Didar Singh Nalwi

KURUKSHETRA, Haryana—Didar Singh Nalvi, senior vice-president of ad hoc Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (HSGMC) on Sunday claimed that the committee had not sought tickets for Haryana assembly polls for its members.

He said that some persons who were unathourised had been seeking tickets from the Congress using the name of the newly formed Sikh body for their politics ends. He said the demand was not justifiable as the committee had not passed any resolution or all members had not built a consensus on the issue.

It is worth mentioning that HSGMC member from Karnal Amarinder Singh Arora who also claims to be appointed as chief of committee’s youth wing, and his supporters have demanded 15 Assembly tickets from the Congress.

HSGMC president Jagdish Singh Jhinda has distanced himself from persons making the demand. They, however, have made it clear that the HSGMC would support the Congress in the elections, a payback gesture for setting up a separate Gurdwara body for Haryana.

Reacting on the reports of HSGMC member Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal’s resignation from the committee, Nalvi denied receiving any written information in this regard. He said, “If Baba Daduwal does resign, the HSGMC will ask him the reason. Since some of the SGPC members have joined the Haryana body, the SAD (B) and SGPC have been pressurizing Daduwal to quit from the HSGMC.”



  1. How can any right-minded individual offer public support to a political organisation that continues to condone and protect perpetrators of genocide and that if there was even a modicum of justice would have been disbanded over 30 years ago?


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