Op/Ed: Mystery over Baba Daduwal’s Resignation from HSGPC

daduwalMANSA, Punjab—A number of news sources are reporting that Sikh preacher Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal has announced to quit as an executive member of the ad-hoc Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management committee (HSGMC).  Daduwal who is currently in police custody, has allegedly stated that the HSGPC had come into existence with the sole motive to spread religion, and not be a political organization.  Daduwal’s resignation has been reported by all prominent Punjabi newspapers including Ajit, Punjabi Tribune, Jag Bani and Pehredar.

In contrast to the publicized statements, The Times of India (TOI) has published a statement in this regard made by Bibi Sukhmeet Kaur, wife of Baba Daduwal, who has said that the written note could possibly be a fake.  As per Bibi Sukhmeet Kaur, she accompanied her husband in Mansa when he was taken in custody by the Faridkot police. She said that her husband did not disclose any such plans to quit HSGMC.

“I have no knowledge of any such note written by him. The note could be a fake to defame my husband,” said Bibi Sukhmeet Kaur.  However, correspondents of many newspapers clearly described that the written note was handed over to them by Baba Daduwal.

According to them, before entering the jail, Baba Daduwal had handed over the resignation. Allegedly, Baba Daduwal also accused that Jagdish Singh Jhinda, president of HSGMC, had politicized the committee by announcing to participate in assembly elections.

Alleged note by Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal reads: “As protest against the move (to politicize HSGPC) and giving due respect to religious sentiments of Sikhs across the world, I am resigning from the committee. HSGMC has been constituted for managing Sikh shrines, not for feeding political ends.”

As per news published by Ajit, when media persons asked Baba Daduwal if he resigned under pressure of Police or Punjab government, he said there was no pressure on him as the cases registered against him by the police were still pending, and he believed firmly that he would receive justice.

Some of Baba Daduwal’s followers, who have met him in jail, have told Sikh24 that he has denied any such announcement of resignation.  Baba Daduwal has alleged that police had asked him to sign a blank paper forcibly.

When Sikh24 asked the Dal Khalsa’s spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh about the matter, he also said that air was not clear in the matter.   He said, “As Baba Daduwal’s followers are claiming, nothing could be said in this regard.”

On the other hand, on basis of the news published by newspapers, Sikh leaders have made harsh reaction saying that it is clear indication that Baba Daduwal has bent before harassment being committed by Police on direction of the State Government.


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