Dal Khalsa Urges Sikhs to Oppose Moves by RSS

2014-08-31_P11508371AMRITSAR, Punjab—In an attempt to demarcate the religious boundaries between Sikhs and Hindus, the Dal Khalsa has called upon the Sikhs to shun Brahamanical rituals and oppose the RSS attempts to brand Sikhs as Hindus “in a befitting manner.”

The recent statement of RSS chief has heightened the tension between Sikhs and the RSS. The RSS attempt to suggest a different way of looking at the question of Sikh identity has aroused virulent opposition.

To counter the claim that Sikhism is the sword arm of Hinduism, the hardliners led by the Dal Khalsa held a seminar on Sunday at its party head office. The speaker’s warned that utterances and actions of the RSS will radicalize the atmosphere even more.

Commenting on the RSS agenda for the “Hindu rashtra,” Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh categorically stated that though the RSS was free to create “Hindu rashtra,” Punjab would not be part of it. In response to RSS’s cultural attack, he said the sectarian lines between Indian and non-Indians must be drawn. We are clear that Sikhs are on the other side.

He criticised the Akali leadership for striking an alliance with Hindutva forces. He said that it was the Sikh leadership that allowed the RSS and the BJP to have a field day in Punjab. He said that the tenth Guru sacrificed his sons for the sake of the Panth, but today’s leaders were sacrificing Panthik interests for the future of their sons.

He said that “the Congress harmed Sikhs physically by getting hundreds of them killed, but the BJP was hitting at the roots and foundations of the Sikh religion”. He lambasted the RSS for interfering in the internal affairs of Sikhs.

The Dal Khalsa leader said that it was the Hindutva brand of politics practised by a “lunatic Brahaminical minority” which compelled them to take extreme steps.

The speakers were of the view that the success of the BJP in Indian polls had emboldened the RSS to rekindle the Hindutva agenda in other parts of the India.

Prof Jagmohan Singh, a human rights activist, delivered a speech on the role of youth in shaping the present and future of the community.



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