Mainstream Media Ignores Push to Abandon Throwaway Term ‘Asian’

2014-08-29-asian groomingLONDON, UK—The Sikh Federation (UK) press release issued yesterday titled: ‘Abandon term ‘Asian’ and call a spade a spade for the sake of child victims’ has largely been ignored by the mainstream media.  
In part this is no surprise as it criticises the media itself for being on the political correctness bandwagon. It is easy for the media to keep using the word ‘Asian’ and not be specific. Journalists should however view this as a form of self imposed censorship.
The right to freedom of expression is particularly important for journalists and other people working in the media. Being specific about perpetrators of a crime is not expressing views that encourage racial or religious hatred; instead it is exposing the truth and ensuring communities from which the perpetrators originate and those in positions of power address the serious problem at hand.
Whilst the mainstream media may have deliberately ignored the Sikh Federation (UK) press release it has struck a chord with leading politicians.  Both the Home Secretary and the Leader of the Opposition retweeted the press release within hours of its release. This implies senior politicians are far more sympathetic with the line being taken by the Sikh Federation (UK) – the media has a duty to follow this up. 
Hundreds of non-Sikhs have retweeted quotes by Bhai Amrik Singh, Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) from the press release.  Many have also positively responded to the Sikh Federation (UK) tweets.  For example, in response to the tweet:
“It is time for the media, police, local authorities and others to abandon political correctness and stop using the throwaway term ‘Asian.'”
“This is the most sensible suggestion I have read to date, well done.”
“Please see what the Sikhs have asked. Drop the term ‘Asian’ it is misleading & offensive.”
“Absolutely brilliant, well said. Thank God for our friends in the Sikh community who love and care about Britain!”
Gurjeet Singh
National Press Secretary
Sikh Federation (UK)


  1. Dear Mr. Gurmeet singh,
    Although you are very upset with the media using the word Asian.
    If you look coolly.How would you seperate a CLEAN SAVEN SIKH person from a MUSLIM OR HINDU OR INDIAN Or FAR EASTERN ??
    To the Native [ English ] all looks alike & same hence Asian.

    According to Guardian News paper Asian girls are abused by
    their own relatives.

    There must be some lesson here to learn for the Clean Shaven Sikhs . Start wearing TURBAN.

  2. The racist white british establishment want to demonise ‘Asian’ communities. They dont want to offend the Muslim community or pakistani community because of an agenda. So they generalise and tar all asians by using asians which creates a bigger problem for the white racist establishment as it alienates all British Asians against the mainstream media and British white establishment and authorities.

    Most rapes and pimping of underage white girls in past and present done by black gangs yet there is no outcry against blacks its ok to bash asian males but not ok to bash black males yet but it will come too seeing how they attacking and demonising asian males right now rather than targeting the muslim culture and ideological problem a pakistani culture problem.


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