HS Phoolka To Rajnath: Withdraw Z Security provided to the accused of 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms

NEW DELHI, India—S. HS Phoolka, senior Delhi High Court advocate has written to Rajnath Singh, Union Minister for Home Affairs (India), to withdraw Z security from accused of 1984 Sikh genocide.  Following is the text of the letter –

Sh. Rajnath Singh

Union Minister for Home Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block

Central Secretariat

New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Withdrawal of  Z Security provided to the accused of 1984 Riots.


The issue of providing the Z-Security to the political leaders who are facing serious criminal charges of instigating riots and killing innocents has come into focus and media glare recently. It is highly unfortunate that the leaders who are responsible for killing of hundreds of innocent citizens get high security, palatial bungalows, and cars from the state exchequer.

For the past 30 years, the leaders who are responsible for killing innocent Sikhs in November 1984, have been provided the highest security cover which includes about 30-40 Security Guards and they have also been provided palatial bungalows and number of cars at the expenses of the public. People like Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar have been enjoying this luxury at public expenses for the last 30 years. The leaders like H.K.L. Bhagat and Dharam Das Shastri, who have now died, also enjoyed this luxury throughout their lives. Not only these, large number of other people are provided security as well. Balwan Khokhar who is now convicted for murder was also provided the security cover. Another accused Mahender Yadav who is convicted for instigating the riots is till today enjoying the security cover as he is on bail. Similarly, numbers of other accused people have also been provided the security.

During these 30 years, from 1984 till now, if the expense incurred on providing Security Personnel, bungalows, cars and other facilities to these accused persons is calculated, unfortunately, it will probably be more than the compensation given to the victims of the riots.

Sajjan Kumar has been provided approximately 40 Security Guards, Government bungalow and Government cars. He had gone underground when the warrants were issued against him by the court in 2010. Even during the period when he was underground and making a mockery of the system, he continued to enjoy this luxury at public expenses.

This was done by successive Congress Governments and now even the present Government has started doing this for the accused of U.P riots. I earnestly request you to take immediate steps to not to spend any public money on these accused people. Rather, spend the same money for the benefit of the victims. The luxurious facilities of 30-40 security Guards, lavish bungalows and numbers of cars given to Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar  and other riots accused should be withdrawn immediately and the same money should be provided for education and employment of thousands of victims.



Advocate HS Phoolka


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