Sikh Relief Travel to Essex to Offer Food and Clothes to Afghan Sikhs

2014-08-18-sikh relief essexTILBURY, UK—This morning the Sikh Relief team travelled to Tilbury Port, taking food, clothing and immediate necessities such as nappies and baby food, to the Sikhs found trapped inside a shipping container.
The team were saddened at the way in which young and elderly were stuck in an airtight metal container for such a long amount of time.
Donations and langar are being co-ordinated by the Grays Gurdwara, where our team also made their contribution. The local sangat are pulling together to help these traumatised individuals in whatever way they can. Many national TV and newspaper media were present at the Gurdwara as well as Sikh Channel.

Sikh Relief would like to offer their heartfelt condolences to the family of Meet Singh who lost his life whilst trapped in the container.


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