Punjab Youth Congress Objects to Film ‘Kaum De Heere’ and Threatens Protests

Kaum De Heere
Kaum De Heere

CHANDIGARH, INDIA— The Punjab Youth Congress (PYC) Saturday strongly opposed the permission granted for the screening of the controversial Punjabi movie ‘Kaum de Heere,’ saying it glorifies the assassins of former prime minister Indira Gandhi.

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PYC president Vikramjit Singh Chaudhary said it was unfortunate that a movie that glorifies and glamourizes Indira Gandhi’s assassins was being allowed to be screened in Punjab and other parts of the country.

The film is based on the two bodyguards of Indira Gandhi, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, who assassinated her in retribution for the launch of Operation Blue Star on the Golden Temple complex, the holiest of Sikh shrines in June 1984. The operation saw the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikh pilgrims.

“This does not portend well for the hard earned peace in Punjab as it seeks to glorify, glamourize and revive terrorism in Punjab. I wonder how can such a film with such questionable content be cleared for release by the film Censor Board of India,” Chaudhary said in his letter.

He warned that if the permission for the film’s screening is not withdrawn, Punjab Youth Congress activists will stage protests across Punjab and prevent its release and screening.

“The government shall be responsible for any law and order issue that may crop up,” he said.




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