Sikh Relief Team Continues Humanitarian Work in Saharanpur, UP

SAHARANPUR, INDIA—The team of Sikh Relief volunteers are continuing operations in Saharanpur to support victims.

Sikh Relief has lead humanitarian efforts in Saharanpur after riots broke out over alleged disputed land. Local Sikhs and different Muslim factions had alleged hand of the Government in instigating violence.

Sikh Relief team posted that the scars of violence last month are still burning in hearts of the victims, who not only suffered financial loses, but also lost their loved ones.  

“Residents continue to be in a state of shock at the ugly scenes they endured when the pre-mediated violence tore through their city streets,” stated Sikh Relief volunteers.

The newly formed alliance of Sikh and human rights organizations have promised to continue their human aid work in Saharanpur.



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