Sikh Youth Responds to Racist Turban Tweet

NEW YORK, New York, USA—A Sikh youth on Twitter responded to an apparent racist tweet by giving a befitting response. The response by Ashispal Singh went viral and has been shared not just on Twitter, but on other social media networks, including Facebook.


Coincidentally, the comment has received much publicity a year after it originally appeared on Twitter.  

The comment made by Carr came on the anniversary of the Oak Creek Wisconsin, USA Gurdwara massacre in which a white supremacist opened fire and killed 6 Sikhs and injured 4 others. Sikhs have long been a target of racism and have suffered violent attacks since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York.


  1. If you paid attention to the thread you’d have noticed that Ryan Carr retweeted the comments by Ashishpal and praised him for his humour and Ryan wasn’t being racist just deliberately inflammatory. Stop creating news where it doesn’t exist.

  2. Well, I know some people people threatened by turban wearers. But think about this rationally. Will a terrorist put on a turban to commit a terrorist act ? No way, they don’t want to rouse suspicion. So, when you see a person wearing a turban in public. Its almost 100% certain they are doing it for cultural or religious reasons. You can bank on someone wearing a turban in a public place is NOT a terrorist. Reflect on this, smile and say high to a turban wearer in a high security place. They are the good guys.

  3. I think it is a reply from an educated guy with great sense of humour. The fact that didn’t go personal or aggressive is what all should do and bun will help you stay at peace with yourself. Let us all learn something from this which will not any dirt and malice come to mind. That in way prevents any one of us to defend ourselves if encountered in person and the also give a befitting reply.


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