Op/Ed: A Very Bitter Truth That Needs to be Expressed

I am not writing this to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend anyone’s religious sentiments,  but only to emphasize the fact that the history of a community reflects its character, personality, thought process, and ideals.  The philosophy they abide by reflects in whatever acts they do.

In Ramayan, Ram Chander needed Sugreev’s help in finding Sita.  Sugreev however was already grieving as his kingdom as well as his consort was taken away by his brother Bali.  Ram Chander asked Bali to challenge Sugreev in a wrestling combat and that he would shoot Bali with his arrow while they fought. Eventually,  Ram Chander killed Bali while he was hiding.  This is where the Indians learned the art of fake encounters. Later on, Ram killed Ravan after being assisted by Vibheeshan, who was Ravan’s own brother.

 Those who know about the background of Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale will know that his ancestry was Brar Jatt.  Now this has absolutely no significance or place in Gurmat, but lets consider this just for a minute to understand the mentality of our foes.  We also know the ethnicity of Gen. K.S. Brar.  The Indians played the same game.  Just like Ram had Vibheeshan assist him against Ravan, Indira had Gen.  Brar to assist her, because she, and her lot, saw Sant Jee as Ravan.  Vibheeshan is condemned the same way by Hindus as Gen. Brar is by the Sikh qaum.

In Mahabharat, Dronacharya was killed by Draupadi’s brother Drushtadyumman after he heard about the false news of his son Ashwathama’s death.  Drona was so emotionally shattered that he gave up his weapons and sat in meditation right in the battlefield. That’s when Drushtadyumman beheaded him.  Such similar lies were spread in the 80s and 90s to weaken the Jujhaaroo leher and damage the kind of support Singhs were getting from the common masses of Punjab, including Hindus.  Black cats (police) in the guise of Singhs were used to terrorize, rape, loot, and kill Hindus so as to break that trust which many of the common, and often poor, Hindus of rural Punjab had in the Singhs.

Continuing on, Mahabharat, Karan was killed by Arjun as he was fixing the wheel of his chariot.  Who provoked Arjun?  Krishan did! It was clearly against the rules of war as decided to kill/attack anyone unarmed, but he did it anyways.  In India, innocent Sikhs were massacred, unarmed men, women, children and even old people were not spared. Krishna had vowed not to pick up arms in the Mahabharat war, but at one point he did pluck out the wheel from Arjun’s chariot and was ready to strike Bheesham. Breaking vows is something that has been followed traditionally by the hill Rajas at the time of Dasmesh Pita ji and more recently by Pandit Nehru.

Duryodhan was killed treacherously by Bheem.  In gada yudh, you are not supposed to hit the opponent above his thighs, which is what Bheem did.  Duryodhan had acquired supernatural powers making his entire body to become as hard as steel, except the part above his thighs, which again was Krishan’s conspiracy, so that Duryodhan didn’t acquire a 100% steel body.  

Another example of treachery.  Sikhs were hurt in the most brutal way by attacking Sri Darbar Sahib, so that the maximum wound could be afflicted on the entire community and psyche. There are several other examples that are not coming to mind right now.  The entire war(s) fought in Ramayan and Mahabharat, except for a handful of few heroic and brave combats, were total treachery.  The “good” side heavily cheated, and the “bad” side was invincible. It is justified to this day that it was fair, because it is fair to “cheat” in order to take down your “bad” opponent.  This exact formula was used against Sikhs.  Khalistan was/is [touted as] a “bad” idea, and every method was/is to be put into action to “take down” this “bad” idea.

Let me also add, that not all Hindus feel comfortable with the above mentioned events.  The ones who are educated, moderate, rational and sane do question them repeatedly.  I personally have come across several educated and rational Hindus (both ladies and gentlemen) who go to the extent of claiming Ramayan and Mahabharat to be unreal stories.  Perhaps they find it shameful to accept the above mentioned as facts.

Do you want to convince a Hindu about Khalistan?  Use examples from their own history and explain.  If the Jujharoo Singhs were terrorists, then how do they explain Hanuman setting fire to Lanka where innocent civilians also lived?  Why do they then so devoutly worship someone who committed an act of terrorism?  

If avenging the honor of Draupadi was justified by carrying out the “dharam yudh” of Mahabharat where millions perished, then how come the Jujharoo leher is called terrorism which started only after thousands of Sikh girls were brutally gang-raped.

Sorry, there cannot be two set rules that are twisted and used as per the convenience of those in power or those in majority.  They need to learn to call a spade a spade. However, the most discouraging and heart-breaking thing which I’ve come across is that the amount of treachery Indians have learned from their history is far more, indeed much more vast than [what we Sikhs have absorbed of] the divine virtues imparted by our Guru Sahibaan, Gurmukh Pyaare Sant Sipahi, and Shaheed Singhs. Excepting a handful of GurSikhs we have not managed to imbibe [such Gurmat] within our soul, character and personality. May Guru Sahib do kirpa [and mercifully bless us] to imbibe those divine Gurmat virtues within ourselves.  May Guru Sahib also do bakshish, [forgive and bless with] vichaare [learning] our non-Sikh brothers and sisters so that they wake up and try to live their life based on the lives of those good-hearted non-Sikh shardhalus (devotees) of our Guru Sahibaan and other azeez (invincible) non-Sikh friends of GurSikhs and Shaheeds.  Eventually, those who are destined will definitely come into the fold of the Khalsa.  Those who are not, may they continue to live noble lives, but opposite from the lives of those who lived only to harm Sikhs.

Proud to be a Sikh poster

Let me also say that I haven’t written this to please one set of people and enrage another, NO!  I’ve written what I’ve had in mind for many years but just felt the time has come to say it out.  We need to fully and completely understand where our foes are coming from and what mentality they have.  Those non-Sikhs who have respect for Guru Sahibaan, the distinctness of Sikhi and uniqueness of Khalsa Panth, they are always worth embracing.  Those who only wish harm, they are the ones with whom we will never make any compromise. Sincere apologies if this hurts anyone, but its a common trend we’ve been watching and it just had to be exposed.


  1. A very unique article that I had ever read . In the way , you reveal and compare facts make this article more interesting . I think it is a good way to convince the people around the globe about the 84’s moment . Sikhs always believe in peace and harmony but if the first way failed then only we adopt the second . So this article clearly depicts sikhs ideology and give answers about thousand of questions that was raised after 84.. Writer salute to your way of thinking .

  2. Okay, I don’t understand this, why do you consider us your foes?

    Whenever Pakistani extremists or other ‘minority groups’ attack Sikhs, there are no charities or anything to go against it, but there are minor protests.

    But if ‘Hindus’ do it, some Sikhs immediately create charities and create petitions against India, claiming that the ‘majorities are mistreating the minorities’.

    Clearly the minorities are mistreating the majorities as well as other minorites (such as the Sikhs) in India.

    I don’t understand this, why are you SO against ‘Hindus’? We haven’t done the worst possible things to you, which others have, yet you choose them over us. You host Pakistani flags and burn Indians flags.

    At Canadian Gurdwaras the Sikh leaders abuse Lord Shiva, I’ve heard this from a Punjabi Hindu who visited one and he had to keep his mouth closed because he respects Sikhism and didn’t want to offend back. Not all Gurdwaras do this, I’ve been to loads, but some do, which I’ve never experienced myself but have been told.

    Me, I’m not very religious, coming from a family who not only believe in ‘Hinduism’ but also in Sikhism and Buddhism. I find it depressing that my own Sikh brothers and sisters hate ‘Hindus’ so much and choose ‘them’ over us.

    If you think this article didn’t hurt religious sentiments, you’re wrong. You’re using our own religious text and history as well as deities against us, which I’ve never seen a Hindu do to a Sikh.

    What’s this about ‘mentality’? So all ‘Hindus’ have the same mentality? I’ve never read the Mahabharat or any ‘Hindu’ stories, does that mean I have the same ‘mentality’ as well?

    Some Sikhs always abuse us for no reason (I acknowledge 1984, but why blame the entire community?) and we COULD abuse back, but we don’t, because we know that you Sikhs are a great community who sacrificed a lot for your country.

    I have several points which I could use to offend back since this post clearly and openly abused ‘Hinduism’, but I won’t post them because I know that not all Sikhs have the same ‘mentality’ as you and that if I offend back, good Sikhs who bear no hate towards us will have their sentiments hurt.

    And by the way, I wrote ‘Hindu’ because that’s not the original name for us, it was given by invaders.

  3. interpretation my friend, accepted many hindus are devious but dont place that on faith that is them as sure not all sikhs are like the revered guru nanak and the other gurus.
    Just as many westerners misinterpret sikhs for osamas you should be the first ones to recognise the scourn of misrepresentation.
    i agree indians have wrong done sikhs i support your cause fully but taking a hitler way of tarring hindus as bad is a dangerous dark path as a combat to the unjust hindus is a dark road.

  4. Mr. M.Singh,
    You have written a very interesting article addressing both Hindus and Sikhs alike.
    The historical and factual back ground of your message to understand the present problem of Sikh’s in INDIA, in my view, is very admirable.
    The Brahmical influence against Sikhism is growing strong .
    Lets hope better judgement prevails.

    • I m nt getting your motive..what do you want by making comparisons? What are you trying to do and what are u talking about…hindus, muslims,sikhs and christians living in india are INDIANS… I think we shud respect the country in which we are living… All religions r equally respectable… And as far as the politics is concerned,we shud not mix it with the religion…


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