Sikh Relief Team Provides Medical Assistance to Saharanpur Massacre Victims

Sikh Relief volunteer Sarabpreet Singh giving blood in the photo

SAHARANPUR, Uttar Pradesh, India—Saharanpur is under tight military security with a curfew in place since Saturday’s communal rioting. Despite the tough restrictions, the Sikh Relief team managed to gain access and have been engaged with the local communities who fell victim to the violence which resulted in the attack on the Singh Sabha Gurdwara, the killing, looting, and arson against local residents.

The Sikh Relief team found many families who have been financially ruined as their businesses have been burnt to the ground, while others are still recovering from injuries they sustained during the violent clashes. The Sikh Relief team have been busy meeting with community leaders and some of the 1100+ members of the Gurdwara Sahib.

The Sikh Relief has reached the trouble stricken region and provided much needed support at a time of such heightened tensions. Their team is also participating in the Blood Donation bank set up specially for the victims.



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