OP/ED: Hooda’s Appointments to HSGMC are Anti-Democracy and Anti-Sikh

Bhupinder Hooda
Bhupinder Hooda

 AMRITSAR SAHIB— I take issue with Bhupinder Hooda’s appointment of a 41 member HSGMC. I believe that the creation of HSGMC is a divisive issue designed by Congress to divide Sikh votes in the upcoming Haryana election, but that is all besides the point. The point is that Hooda’s selfish actions stand against a democratic system and are Anti-Sikh – let me explain why:

1. The appointments are undemocratic: Currently all SGPC members are elected by their constituent Sikhs. There are rules on who can vote (for example a voter must keep kesh) and there are rules on how and when these elections take place. Currently there are 11 ELECTED representatives from Haryana in the SGPC. By appointing 41 people of his own, Hooda has rejected the voice of the masses and has placed his own choices to run Sikh Gurdwaras. If this was being done in good faith, why wouldn’t the 11 SGPC members get to continue to represent their constituents while a new committee is elected? Why appoint your own people when the people of Haryana have already elected representatives?  This sends a clear message to all Sikhs; Hooda and his government don’t care about you having fair and adequate representation, they just want to create a new body where they can ensure only their perspective is heard.

2. Hooda has no authority to appoint Sikh representatives: As stated above, keeping kesh is a requirement to vote in an SGPC election, yet Hooda, who does not keep kesh himself, feels like he has the authority appoint Sikh representatives. Here is a guy that can’t even vote in an election, throwing out the system and appointing his own choices. Imagine if the the Mayor of Rome decided to appoint a Cardinal, doesn’t make any sense does it? Further, who gave Hooda any right to represent Sikhs? 


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