Sikhs For Justice Launches White House Online Protest Against Modi

Indian Prime Minister Modi

—Sikhs For Justice, the New York-based Sikh rights group, which earlier filed cases in US courts against Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, has launched an online petition campaign urging President Barack Obama to cancel his invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the 2002 “communal riots” in Gujarat.

“Instead of hosting Modi at White House, President Obama should condemn Modi and ban BJP for perpetrating violence against Muslims, Sikhs and Christians,” says the petition. 

Obama has invited Modi to visit the US and for a meeting with him at the White House on September 30. 

“In June 1984, BJP instigated military attack on the Golden Temple resulting in the massacre of thousands of Sikh pilgrims. In 2008, BJP orchestrated violence against Christians in Orissa,” the petition states. 

The petition, requires at least 100,000 signatures by August 20 to gain any attention of the White House, on the first day had got less than two dozen petitions. 

The SFJ had campaigned against Gandhi and Singh in connection with the Anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984.

The petition can be signed at this link: Petition to Ban Modi


  1. If u want justis y u not get rajesh pilot who is master mind behind 84 riot, the way you do is absoultly atupid thing…. so far concern with modi he is directly or indirectly not innvoled in 84 riot or operation ….i pray to god gives u eyes so u atleast see right thing …


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