Meat and Smoking in Khalsa College Complex, Chigwell UK

CHIGWELL, UK—Sikh24 have been notified of beadbi taking place at Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa School, Chigwell (UK).

It appears that, on one particular occasion, a barbecue stall, named ‘The Big Fat Greek Barbecue Company, was set up against the school wall near the gym while the field was being used to play football. The stall’s menu, attached clearly advertises the various meats being cooked and sold on the premises of the Sikh school.

2014-07-14-khalsa college beadbi
The menu shows the meat being sold on the Khalsa School premises.

Further, people were seen lounging on the Nishan Sahib alongside their belongings and water bottles. Not only was the owner of the barbecue stall seen openly smoking, but other adults were seen smoking around and near the Nishan Sahib as well.

2014-07-14-khalsa college beadbi2
People sitting by Nishan Sahib.


One lady seen smoking near the Nishan Sahib.
One lady pictured smoking near the Nishan Sahib.

The Sikh Rehit Maryada (Sikh Code of Conduct) makes it clear that the four Bujjar Kurehits (cardinal prohibitions) for a Sikh, are (1) Dishonouring the hair, (2) Eating Kuttha, (meat), (3) Intimate relationship with a person other than one’s spouse, and 4) Using tobacco (i.e. intoxicants).

 Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa School is a Sikh ethos school which contains a complete Gurdwara within the complex. It is therefore wholly necessary that the premises be treated with due respect, and as the consumption of meat and the use tobacco are prohibited within the Sikh faith, it is both disrespectful and unacceptable that such activities took place in the school complex.

Such events raise questions about the school’s stance on these matters and whether they are willing to enforce such prohibitions if the premises were to be used again. The school premises being used for community activities is perfectly acceptable; however, those using the premises should be expected to respect the beliefs of the Sikh faith, with full knowledge and respect of the attached Gurdwara and Nishan Sahib. Rules and prohibitions should therefore, be clarified and enforced by the school in order to prevent further beadbi from occurring.


  1. More Fudu bias and twisting of authentic Sikh principles which at its heart is a practical, scientific religion. Meat is in no way prohibited if prepared correctly, for the same reason that life begets life, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral.

  2. Dear Editors,
    I do not know your reasons for removing my first comment.Which was
    potent,relevant and constructive.
    For the Younger Generation’s benefit let me expand on the subject of
    whether SIKHS should eat Meat or not.
    On bottom of page 30 of “Rahet Namas” It also explains what “Kuttha”
    means. If the animal was slaughtered/killed in Islamic way.

    There are two words in punjabi. 1.”Kuttha” and 2.”Chatka”.

    If an animal is slaughtered/killed by cutting the throat and let it bleed to death and also by reading some religious verses is called “KUTTHA” Meat.Also known as “Hallal” meat.

    If an animal is slaughtered/killed swiftand with one stroke it is
    called “CHATKA” meat. This is the method used by Guru Ji & Sikhs.

    When Guru Gobind Sigh Ji met Mahdov Das [ Banda Bahadur] in south
    in 1704/8 AD he ordered his sikhs to prepare meat/food by killing goats.This is a historical fact.It’s the place when Mahdav Das
    accepted Sikhi and changed his name to Banda Singh Bahadur. Guru Ji
    Order No meat to be served in the “GURU KA LANGER”.
    I would be pleased if you DO NOT delete this comment. Thanks

  3. The reference regarding meat is wrong… Khutta mass is meat that is prepared in an religious way such as halal or kosher. Please change the reference.


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