Ram Katha Will NOT Take Place at Essex UK Ramgharia Sikh Gurdwara

London, UK—In a statement, the Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara located in East London have said that the “RAM KATHA” event will not take place at the Gurdwara. In a public statement, the Gurdwara said that the programme is booked at the community Centre, and not the Gurdwara as was wrongly advertised on posters. Ram Katha event will be taking place down the road at Ramgarhia Community Centre, 270 Neville Road, Forest Gate, London E7 9QN. 

There has been a printing error on the part of the Gujarati organisation concerned, and this has been pointed out to them. They have now undertaken to rectify the error which has occurred inadvertently.

It was stated in the statement that “the building in question has been renovated with the help of a grant awarded by the London Borough of Newham, and we are, therefore, under obligation to accommodate other communities.

However, it has been a policy of all management committees not to allow the consumption of meat and alcohol on the premises.”

It is reassuring to hear that the Community centre have implemented policies to prevent consumption of meat and alcohol, even though this is a separate building from Gurdwara.  The community centre at which the event has been planned is a walk away from the Gurdwara which is at a independent location. 



  1. One must be very careful regarding SIKHISM Values.
    What if BRAHMIN’s get into the Gurdwaras from back door.

    In 1699 GURU GOBIND SINGH JI forbid SIKH’S not to eat Halaal Meat.
    See “The Sikhs in History 2010” by Dr. Sangat Singh. Publisher Singh Bros.Amritsar


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