Essex UK Gurdwara Defies Gurmat and Akal Takht Maryada By Organizing Idol Worship

2014-07-08-ramkathaILFORD, UK—Ramgarhia Sikh Temple of Neville Road, Essex, plans to host a Hindu programme this month. The attached poster advertises the 9 day event which is to take place from Thursday 24th July to Friday 1st August, various Hindu activities are planned, alongside pictures of Hindu gods.

The event is contrary to the Sikh Rehat Maryada which is to be adhered to by all Sikhs and Gurdwara Committees worldwide. The Rehat Maryada makes it clear that nothing other than Gurbani katha or Sikh history should be communicated within the Gurdwara. It states:

Worship should be rendered only to the One Timeless Being and to no god or goddess – Chapter 4

Further, such activities are opposed in various Shabads within Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and a distinctive path for the Sikh is clearly set out. The Khalsa is called on by the Guru to worship and meditate on the Gurshabad alone, and maintain a distinctiveness which should not be compromised:

The Khalsa should maintain its distinctiveness among the professors of different religions of the world, but should not hurt the sentiment of any person professing another religion.

Although the Sikh faith respects other religious belief systems and encourages the freedom of religious expression, such sentiments should be expressed in ways which are in line with Gurmat. Therefore, if the Committee wishes to make a gesture of goodwill within their local community, Sikhs advise that such events outside of the Gurdwaras, and in ways which do not oppose Sikh teachings.


  1. It is very common to help Hindu,s and as clarified by gurdwara management programme is planned at community centre not at gurdwara


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