Khalsa Aid (UK) and Bhagwant Mann Help Rescue Indians Stranded in Iraq

SLOUGH, UK—Khalsa Aid (KA), an international humanitarian organisation based in the UK, has been working closely with comedian-turned-politician Bhagwant Mann to rescue the Indian citizens stranded in Iraq. Mr Mann, who has been a strong voice on the issue, revealed to the press that, with the help of Khalsa Aid (KA) and another agency [based out of Kuwait], passports of 231 people were retrieved from a corrupt contractor holding them hostage.
2014-07-02-ka bhagwant mann
Bhagwant Mann with Khalsa Aid (KA) volunteers.

Khalsa Aid (KA) has been trying tirelessly to gather information about the Indians stuck in the conflict zone and had offered their services to the Indian embassy in Iraq and the UK. Even though some of the Indian citizens have been fortunate enough to be rescued, the crisis continues with hundreds of migrant workers still unable to come home.

Khalsa Aid (KA) appeal strongly to the Indian government to take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety and safe evacuation of the people trapped in the region.


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