Sangrur Aam Aadmi Party MP Secures Airfare of Punjabi in Iraq and Attempts to Help Others

Bhagwant Mann
Bhagwant Mann

SANGRUR, Punjab—The Aam Aadmi Party Member of Parliament from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann, has secured release of a Punjabi stuck in Iraq.  Bhagwant Mann had earlier told the media that along with other Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders, he is ready to go to Iraq to provide whatever assistance possible.  Mann had mentioned that S. Harinder Singh Khalsa, the AAP Member of Parliament (MP) from Fatehgarh Sahib has a lot of experience with external affairs, and should also be given a chance to help with the situation.

Bhagwant Mann posted on Facebook earlier today that he has booked a flight for a Punjabi stuck in Iraq.  In a phone call received from Iraq, Bhagwant Mann was told that the situation in Iraq is worsening.  Bhagwant Mann mentioned that he could hear gun shots being fired.  The Punjabi who had called Bhagwant Mann from Iraq mentioned that he had possession of his passport, however did not have an airline ticket to fly out of the country.  Mr. Mann booked a ticket for his safe return to Punjab.

Bhagwant Mann appealed to all those stuck in Iraq to contact the Punjab Welfare Society in Kuwait at +0096599034211.  The Punjab Welfare Society is willing to arrange for travel for anyone stuck in Iraq.

It is not known what any political leader in India can do to help; however the Prime Minister’s Office seems to be watching the situation merely as its audience.  In such a case, whatever help the Aam Aadmi Party is able to provide is commendable.

Bhagwant Mann further mentioned that the fact that Punjabis have to travel to Iraq for work proves that the  financial situation in Punjab is worse than Iraq.  He said this fact would be raised in the Parliament.

AMRITSAR SAHIB—A number of families gathered at Harmandir Sahib to perform ardas (prayer) for the well being of their wards in Iraq.  Many of them, with tears in their eyes, prayed to seek safe return of their family members.  He expressed grief at the fact that Indian Government was not swift enough in taking action over the Iraq crisis.

Family Members of Punjabis Stuck in Iraq, Pray at Harmandir Sahib



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