Op/Ed: Piri Miri – Action Plan and Implementation

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Dysfunctional Future Already Present

Why are the Sikh figure heads are not daring to ask the appointed Jathedar of the Akal Takht to take the front-line lead on the objective of Khalsa independent statehood and sovereignty?

Why are Sikh figures inside and outside of the Khalistan movement, silent on the misdeeds, mis-actions, and cowardly lack of ethics of our leaders, who have demonstrated moral incompetence in multiple ways?

Furthermore, what are individuals like Jasbir Rode (the famous nephew of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale), who has aligned himself with Badal, doing to further the cause of Khalsa independent statehood (‘Khalistan’)? In the UK, and West Punjab, he made many loud speeches on the subject. In East Punjab, he appears to have gone completely silent!

Why are such ‘Jathedars’ being allowed to run amok on the Sikh nation? They have no democratic mandate from the Sikh nation, no confidence of the Sikh masses, and no endorsement from the global Sarbat Khalsa, inside, or outside, of East Punjab.

There is so much incoherence, contradiction, lack of direction and principle, in what is being said by various Sikh figures. Why is no-one daring to challenge the ‘Jathedars’? Why the silence and censorship?

The Akal Takht actively represents the free existence of an independent sovereign Piri Miri Khalsa Panth, (spiritual and secular ethically driven civilization). The Akal Takht is our 10 Downing Street. It is not a mere ‘temple’. It is a bastion of positive, energetic action! It was placed deliberately in coherence with the bastion of Sikh spiritual, and ethical centrality of Harmandir Sahib. The two are integral parts of each other. One does not exist without the other. The Akal Takht   (‘Akaal Bunga’) was created to actively pursue and carry out the earthly spread and application of Sikhi justice, Sikhi lifestyle, and Sikhi benevolent raaj (rule) on earth. The democratic, grassroot Sarbat Khalsa was held there twice a year. Gurmattas (edicts) were passed and carried out, including the establishment of Khalsa Raaj!

This unique combination of stead-fast institutions, borne out of a human revolution against all established powers, systems, authorities, and belief systems, is both entirely unique to the unequaled Sikh civilization, and wholly demonstrative of the profound complete and holistic approach of the Sikh fundamental earthly-life philosophy. The Sikh philosophy, as proselytized and demonstrated by the ten Gurus and Sikh shaheeds (martyrs), through and beyond these institutions like the Akal Takht, is so deep, profound, and ongoing, that the contaminated, imperfect, infested human mind, cannot fully grasp its substance. The path of Sikhi, as is affirmed, is ‘sharper than a double-edge sword, and finer than a single hair.’ The path of full-fledged Sikhi (‘Khalsa’) is not for the populist, fickle human majority, as demonstrated in the 60,000 who rejected initiation as Khalsa on Vaisakhi 1699. Only 20,000 committed to embrace the Khalsa jeevan ( life)! The human Khalsa life, is evidently, a lotus which truly blooms in a muddy, poisonous global ocean.

Many half-hearted ‘Sikhs’, ‘Jathedars’, tactical, and misinformed minds fail to understand the above, much less uphold the unique integrity of the Akal Takht. Many modern Sikhs do not have the hearts and minds of Khalsa consciousness. Modern Sikhs want to adapt, change, modernize Sikhi into a genial, amenable, fashionable, sedate, politically correct thing. Unfortunately, by so doing, you lose the substance of Sikhi and are left only with a disfigured outer ritualism and symbolism.

The Akal Takht is a parallel sovereign government to the world’s other governments. Until, the Sikhs can grasp this fundamental fact, and the difference between the two, Akal Takht is simply being  glorified as another gurdwara. Until then, they will continue to roam about in the ongoing confusing round-a-bout. The bogus jathedars, and the bogus ‘Khalistanis’ in the UK, are happy for the Sikh masses to remain shackled in that oppressive stagnation.

The bogus jathedars and the bogus Khalistanis, are the future dictators in a dysfunctional Khalistan, unless we stop and remove them now! Already these unethical cliques are dominating and controlling our institutions, organizations, funds, and resources.

The Akaal Takht belongs to the Sikh ideals, the Sikh champions, the saint-soldiers. It does not belong to the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) and bogus ‘jathedars’ who won’t even meet directly, face to face, with the UK and other global Sikh sangat (congregation). The Akal Takht is not the exclusive property of these illegitimate counterfeits and their dirty games. The Akal Takht belongs to all those who are prepared to stand and die for its idealism, and its principles, as enshrined by the Gurus in the Khalsa Panth  who are a body of people committed, energized, and united in a common Khalsa jeevan with aspirations to change the world around them into a better place, and establish the sovereignty of just laws to practice here on earth.

“The earth was established as a dominion for righteous living.” – Guru Granth Sahib

Why is the Sikh nation being shackled and held to ransom by these false, undemocratic, incompetent, unethical, illegitimate ‘Jathedars’? Why are the major Sikh organizations not prepared to go head to head with these damaging mahants (money collectors) ? The speech given by the current Jathedar on June 6, 2014, was pathetic, feeble, wholly uninspiring, and full of cowardly monotony.

Sikh national liberation is about not just reclaiming our territory, sovereignty, and self-determination, it is fundamentally about democratization from bottom up and top down. We do not want a Khalistan led by dictator ‘Jathedars’ and unauthentic Khalistanis, like we have in Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.
We want true, authentic, patriotic, people based Jathedars like Akali Phoola Singh. Not the miserly individuals that have been superimposed upon us for decades, by the corrupt, disorderly Indian state and Badal led SGPC.

The Sikh nation deserves people like Akali Phoola Singh, Baba Deep Singh, Sham Singh Attariwala, Banda Singh Bahadur, Bhai Randheer Singh, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Manbir Singh Chaheroo, Sukha & Jinda, Bhai Rajoana, and many others like them. The current ‘Jathedar’ is nothing like these individuals.


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