Opposing Vancouver Sikh Youth Groups Unite to Free Historical Ross Street Gurdwara in Canada

2014-06-10 Ross Street GurdwaraVANCOUVER, BC—Two opposing Vancouver Sikh Youth Groups have united to contest the upcoming elections at the Khalsa Diwan Society Gurdwara on Ross Street (Ross Street Gurdwara), as the Panthik Slate.

Ross Street Gurdwara is a historic Gurdwara, as it is one of, if not, the first Gurdwara Sahibs to be built in North America. The Khalsa Diwan Society in Vancouver was formed in 1902 and Ross St. Gurdwara was built in 1908.

The two groups split in 2011, right before the elections in November of that year, allowing the Moderate Slate to win, when the election became a three way race. If the two Sikh Youth Groups had stayed united, the chances of transferring the Gurdwara Sahib back into Panthik control would have been greater.

The Gurdwara Sahib has been in control of so called moderate Sikhs for over a decade.  Ruling committee has continued to defy Akal Takht Sahib mandates and Panthik traditions.  Sikh Sangat has been trying to free the Gurdwara unsuccessfully for many years. The elections will be most likely held later on this year, in November or December.


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