Kettlewell School in Yorkshire UK Welcomes Visitor Roop Singh

2014-06-09-roop singh
Roop Singh with pupils of Kettlewell Primary School.

YORKSHIRE, UK—Youngsters at the Kettlewell Primary School have been learning about Sikhism as part of their work on other cultures.

And, to assist their studies, they welcomed special guest Roop Singh.

Mr Singh worked for Bradford Education as a specialist RE advisory and, after seven years, became a freelance advisory on matters related to Sikhs.

Now he travels the world delivering Sikh awareness and storytelling sessions to thousands of young people.

A spokesman for Kettlewell School said, “He is a firm believer that an experience is something that will live with you forever, and all of his sessions carry his ‘Firm, Fair and Fun’ philosophy. And it works!”


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