Top 10 Reasons to do Nitnem Daily

Nitnem is the collection of 7 prayers every Sikh is bound to read daily. Nitnem morning prayers are read at sunrise, evening prayers are read at sundown, and bedtime prayers right before Sikhs go to sleep. What are the top ten reasons for doing daily prayers in the Sikh Faith?

1) Requirement for all Sikhs.
Every Sikh is ordered to read the 7 Nitnem Banis daily when they are initiated into the Sikh Faith. Doing Nitnem is a must for every Sikh. For convenience, small Gutka Sahibs have been made with the 7 Banis for Gursikhs to do Nitnem. If someone cannot read then they can listen to Nitnem done by someone else, or to recordings.

gutka 2014/05/07

2) Makes us stronger Sikhs.
Those that follow the Sikh Rehat, or Code of Conduct, and thus do their Nitnem daily, strengthen their identity as Sikhs and make themselves stronger Sikhs. They create bonds with others on the Path that do their Nitnem daily as well.

sikh identity 2014/05/07

3) Relive your Amrit Sanchar daily.
Reading the same five Banis that were read at the time of the Amrit Sanchar, re-inspires and recreates the same passion one felt at the time of first receiving Amrit.


4) Get a better understanding of the pronunciation of Gurbani.

By reciting or listening to the Banis daily one gets an advanced understanding of Gurbani, and its pronunciation.


5) Learn more about Gurmukhi.

Again with daily recitation of Gurbani, one gets a deeper understanding of Gurmukhi, the script in which Gurbani is written.


6) Memorize the Banis
Reading the Banis daily helps to memorize them. Once they are memorized, one can do Seva such as making Langar and Degh, while reciting the Banis to make very delicious Langar and Degh!


7) Understand who our Gurus were.
Reading Bani gives us an understanding of who our Gurus were, and the time period they lived in, and the circumstances of those days.

Guru Arjan and Bhai Gurdas

8) Discover different meanings of Gurbani.
After reading something over and over again one can understand new meanings of Gurbani, as ones Avastha (spiritual state) rises, so does ones understanding of Gurbani and new meanings are discovered.


9)Defeat Hunkaar/Ego
Reading Bani daily helps to defeat the five vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego.


10) Inspire Yourself

Reading Gurbani inspires us to better our lives, and to become better Gursikhs.



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