UK Sikh Biker Group ‘Humbled’ to be on Lee Rigby Memorial Ride to Woolwich Barracks in Ilford

Khalsa Bikers
Khalsa Bikers

ILFORD, UK—A Sikh motorcycle group has ridden in memory of Lee Rigby from Greenwich Park to Woolwich, where the fusilier was stationed, on Thursday.

Fusilier Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich. MoD/PA
Fusilier Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich. MoD/PA

The Khalsa Bikers, based in Ilford, joined nearly 3,000 riders in making the near four mile journey to Woolwich Artillery Barracks.

Sikh Jassi Seera, 32, of The Drive, Ilford, was one of 25 Khalsa Bikers to be asked to join the ride, made up mainly of military personnel.

He said: “We were very humbled the organizers asked us to be involved. It is important to raise awareness about the need to show unity within communities and to show respect to Lee Rigby.”

Roads were closed down by police to allow riders to drive together towards their final destination.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has backed calls for a memorial in Woolwich to honor the murdered soldier.

And Mr Seera agreed Fusilier Rigby’s death should be remembered in some way in the future.

He said: “Not only to mark his death that plays an important part, of course, but there must be a memorial where people from different backgrounds, whatever race you are, to remember we are all British citizens and we need to stand together. It is important to send a message to terrorists.”

Mr Seera added the Khalsa Bikers were proud to be recognized by organizers alongside servicemen.

Although not an ex-servicemen himself, Mr Seera said it is important to remember Sikh armed forces played in both world wars.

“It was the fact they gave us a chance to be with the other military groups. The other riders gave us so much respect. They were really pleased for us to be on board.”


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