Top 10 Disturbing Similarities Between Narendra Modi and Adolf Hitler


1) Narendra Modi is for cronyism and is a “business first” politician.  He supports businesses by giving them subsidies and the country’s resources at extremely low prices. Hitler provided German companies with slaves and other financial support in order to seek their support. This is perhaps the greatest similarity between Narendra Modi and Hitler.  Modi’s Lok Sabha campaign depended greatly on businesses for funding, no wonder every major Indian newspaper provided front page space to him during elections.

2) Modi’s political party – Bhartiya Janty Party (BJP) is part of the Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS), which follows an extreme right-wing Hindu ideology. Aside from their fascist Hindutva only policy, RSS uses Nazi salutes and stages grand rallies with workers dressed just like Nazis.  Hilter’s Mein Kampf is recommended to be read by members of the RSS.  Just like Hiter wanted all Jews to be removed from Germany,  Modi wants a Hindu only nation, this is evident from the fact that he blames the ills of the society on a certain section of society, mainly Muslims.  One of Modi’s main supporters, Subramanian Swamy, has very extreme ideology regarding India and its citizens.  The following two clips convey his message clearly:

I Agree with Subramanian Swamy
Watch this video on YouTube.

Dr Subramanian Swamy talks about Need of Virat Hindus at Thiruvananthapuram
Watch this video on YouTube.

3) Both rose on a platform of gross dis-satisfaction against the existing government. Their policies and speeches show more hate towards the opposition rather than a true desire to move forward.

4) In the BJP, one person is above than the party itself and its ideology.  Similar to Hitler, Modi does not tolerate dissent within the BJP and his regime in India will likely favor a very authoritarian power structure.

5) His supporters target anyone, even members of other parties who have been given security by the Government are not spared. In 2002, India witnessed a statewide massacre of Muslims in Gujarat through hands of mobs.  The massacres were similar to holocaust of the Jews and attacks on their business in Kristallnacht.  Similar incidents were witnessed before the elections on a smaller scale.  Do minorities in India need to get ready for a full scale Kristallnacht after Modi comes into power?

6) Both have a strong fanatical support base, ready to elevate their positions way beyond what they deserve.  Similar to the “Hail Hilter” and similar slogans, fanatics have changed religious slogans in support of Modi.  “Har Har Modi” was used as a battle-cry in support of Modi during elections.

7) Similar to Hilter, Modi promoted himself as a celibate.  By hiding his wife, Modi declared himself a bachelor without a domestic life, dedicated entirely to his political mission.

8) He is a recluse just like Hitler. Modi doesn’t keep any contact with any of his family members neither did Hitler.

9) He has already declared himself as the Prime Minister (PM) just like Hitler was being called Führer before he had actually become one.

10) Both are extremely nationalist. Modi is probably the most hardline nationalist candidate in the election today. Both tout the perfection of their respective motherland (or fatherland in the case of Hitler) and the promise of a return to the “glorious past”.


    • BJP who is going to kill thousands of muslims is better? Not everyone in congress is bad just like not everyone in BJP is bad. There are exceptions everywhere.

  1. Any1 who claims 2 b a leader shd unite ppl witout any sort of sentiments. .whomever fails to do so, may proclaim themselves as a leader but the goal wil b mere disaster…india is known for its religious tolerance..v expect to maintain harmony n d country by developing tolarnce and growth of all sects..rather dividing d country n d name of religion jus 2 sing their praise and show their power…such powers will b doomed 2 darkness.being an hindu I dont support religious disharmony. V r after al human beings with our own principals of spiritual practice…spirituality is 2 make mental expansion..ppl who fail 2 do so r just a disease wit upperhand nothing use 2 their community nor for any1

  2. Indians,esp Sikhs are between the devil and the deep sea.The Congress party and esp PM MMSingh has let down us by not curbing inflation and instead encouraging corruption,giving natural resources to a few.Indians are now trying Modi,while nobody is perfect,Sikhs in India have no choice in but giving him a chance.Sikhs outside India do not realise that majority of Sikhs in India live outside Panjab and have to move with the times.Most Sikhs in Panjab are quitting Panjab and heading towards Canada and elsewhere.If Sikhs abroad have any genuine interest in Panjab,they should invest in and develop Panjab so that its youngsters do have to migrate elsewhere.


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