Op/Ed: Racist Brampton Flyer Targets Sikh Community


BRAMPTON, Ontario, Canada—A racist flyer has been making rounds on social media after it was originally posted on April 22,2014 on Twitter.

The flyer titled “The Changing Face of Brampton” has two pictures, one a group picture of mostly white people, and the second a picture of Sikhs. In between the pictures it says: “Consider this: according to 2001 Census City of Brampton, Mainstream Canadians made up 59.6 per cent of Brampton’s social fabric. In 2011, it dropped to 32.9 per cent. What will the Census findings be in five, 10, or even 15 years from now?” The flyer then asks “Is this what you really want?” And then provides a link to the website of a group that wants to limit Canada’s intake of immigrants.

Users on Twitter voiced their opinions on the subject, most of which were against the flyer, and came out in support for the Sikh Community. One user posted this “Meme” Showing an Indigenous Canadian man:


@anthonycarno tweeted: “A shame the way people talk about Brampton. I taught in N Brampton for ten years. Brampton is the future of Canada. #love” Although there will always be those that have racists views, and will try to impose those views on others, it is heart-warming to see that the majority of Canadians do not feel this way and have come out to support Sikhs, and other minority groups that are victims of racism.


  1. its not the matter of being racist! In Canada be like a Canadian, your faith and belief should be in your heart! it should not be exposed outside as there are other existing beliefs too that would harm or distract… simply if you are in Canada be like a Canadian, English is the predominant language, which is good one language no distractions one belief” Canadian” no problems, why you are this I am that?
    do you know when the time has started? no one knows
    strictly Canadian


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