National Liberal Party Stands 2 Sikhs in London for the European Elections

LONDON, UK—The National Liberal Party (NLP), UK, have two Sikhs, Upkar Singh Rai and Jagdeesh Singh, as candidates for the European elections on May 22, 2014. NLP states that, “Many people are struggling for their freedom across the world. Peace, stability and justice can only be determined through self determination. Our mission is to raise the profile of operative, Nations Without States, and provide a platform in the European Parliament.”

Candidate Profiles


Upkar Singh Rai

An IT Manager working in the City of London and for 30 years as human rights activist and now with the Sikh liberal campaigning group Kesri Lehar (Wave of Justice). Has served many times as an Executive trustee for one of the top five Sikh Gurdwaras in Britain “Singh Sabha London East”. Member of the Sikh Council UK and British Sikh Council UK (a charity supporting the impoverished victims of the 1984 Genocide in India) and a Vice President of United Khalsa Sports Academy (a charity supporting multisport events and sponsoring youth to the 2016 Olympics). Member of Khalsa International Welfare Society (supporting restoration of Sikh Heritage sites in Pakistan and running free medical camps) in Pakistan and India. Runs youth workshops, lectures, summer and winter camps promoting healthy living, spirituality, awareness of heritage and social issues effecting British Youth on their journey through life. Encouraging youth into community service. Active in supporting local community issues.

JSJagdeesh Singh

A legal advisor, born in the UK, of Punjabi-Sikh background and social-cultural upbringing. One of the founders of the Nations with States pressure group and Chairman of the 1984 Genocide Coalition. He has an idealistic and ethical approach to human life and world-affairs. He draws this principally from the inspiring, activist Sikh philosophy and history coupled with wider global idealism and histories of struggle for justice. He has been involved in justice campaigns since the age of 13, when in 1984, the year when he was gripped by the horrifying genocide against the Sikh people in the Indian state. He believes in global good and justice, through local action. He has been directly involved in front-line activism on a range of justice issues, including Punjab, honor killings, animal rights, environmental protection, welfare of nature, global self-determination of nations, empowerment of small, grassroots communities and nations and the dismantling of super-states and super-structures.


National Liberal Party literature
National Liberal Party literature


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