Dal Khalsa Slams BJP for Inching Towards Converting Indian Polity into Authoritarian Regime

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ANANDPUR SAHIB—Calling the Indian democracy a sham, and the election system a farce, the Dal Khalsa has slammed the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) for inching towards converting the Indian polity into authoritarian regime.

Taking a jibe at the BJP’s slogans, the party’s secretary for political affairs Kanwar Pal Singh said that hoarding, and the propaganda materials, of the BJP urges the voters to bring “this time Modi Sarkar” (not the National Defense Academy (NDA) Sarkar ).  Seeking votes to establish a single person rule in this country, he said, the move smells like the design of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which has long desired to convert India into a Hindu rashtar kingdom and “teach minorities a lesson”.

He said it looks imminent that majority community would be repeating the history by bringing right wing Hindu Nationalist leader Narendra Modi, the alleged mass murderer of Muslims, to power as it did in 1985 when Rajiv Gandhi was handed over power after he engineered the massacre of Sikhs in 1984.

Explaining the trust deficit between majority and minority, Kanwar Pal Singh said former was empowering the perpetrators of genocide, and later was trying to bring those perpetrators to book. With Modi at the helm of affairs, this deficit would deepen, he observed.

He said they were at pains to see how the majority community has at times preferred to give the reigns of the country to a person whose hands are soaked with the blood of minorities.  Stressing the need to change the prevailing mindset, he asserted the bond between majority and minority should be on positive plank, and equal footing, rather than the minority playing the role of an appendage.

He said there’s total bankruptcy in the leadership of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), the party blindly following Modi. “Badals have been drenched with the power of politics to such extent that they have lost the sense to visualize what’s wrong, or right, for the community.

Taking to task those who are habitual of blaming their group for creating communal mistrust, the Dal Khalsa activist said they represent the voice of the deeply wounded segment that feels suffocated in such a political environment where elections lure people but don’t deliver as per their aspirations.


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