Sikhs Launch Campaign Against Growing Misperceptions in US

WASHINGTON DC, USA—Sikhs in the US have launched a multi-million dollar national campaign to tackle the growing misconceptions about Sikhism after the 9/11 terror attacks.

The National Sikh Campaign will also highlight the contributions made by community members in America.

The primary mission of the campaign, launched March 12, 2014, is to increase awareness about the Sikh religion, and positive contributions that Sikh-Americans have made.

“Sikhs in this country have had a tough time since 9/11. From hate crimes, to a Wisconsin terrorist attack, our community has continued to be the target of unjust hate yet we have lacked the voice to change these perceptions and raise the profile of Sikhs in America,” said Gurwin Singh Ahuja, executive director of the National Sikh Campaign.

“This campaign will highlight how Sikhs are a part of the American success story, illustrating the similarities Sikh values have with American values,” he said.

The goal of this campaign will be to reach out to various Gurdwaras, organizations, and stakeholders, within America, and internationally, to create the largest PR effort ever for Sikhism.

The campaign plans to engage individuals across the US, while providing grassroots organizing throughout Sikh communities.


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