Four Sikhs Fully Acquitted in Sacha Sauda Bomb Blast Case

Bhai_Bakshish_Singh_KLFPATALIA, Punjab— Determining the charge of planting explosive matter near a bottling plant in Nabha to have been a fabricated theory, session judge Pushwinder Singh, acquitted Bhai Bakhshish Singh, and three others, Jasvir Singh, Pargat Singh, and Harjit Singh, on Monday, March 3, 2014.

Punjab police filed the case against the Singhs on January 18, 2010, at Sadar Police station under First Information Report (FIR) number 7. According to police, the manager of the bottling plant had reported that three, or four men, had been seen standing near the plant wall along side a drum in which explosive matter had been placed.

Bhai Bakhshish Singh had been entailed with sentence of ten years rigorous imprisonment due to a case regarding a bomb attack on  the head of Dera Sirsa, and had been held at Neelokheri District Karnal (Haryana) since February of 2008. He is currently detained in the maximum security facility of Jail Nabha.


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