Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s 67th Birthday Celebrated on Large Scale in Punjab

Sant Birthday 3  FATEHGARH SAHIB, Punjab— The Sikh nationalist political party Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) on Wednesday, organized a Samagam on large scale to mark the 67th birthday of the great Sikh martyr Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale. The samagam was attended by many noted panthik personalities and thousands of Sikhs besides rank and file of the party.

Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale sacrificed his life along with his comrades while fighting against the Indian army in the Sikh Genocide of June 1984,  outside Sri Akal Takht Sahib, the highest temporal seat of the Sikhs and symbol of Sikh sovereignty.  H ewas  the 14th Jathedar of the Sikh seminary Damdami Taksal was well respected by all Panthik Jathebandis.

Party president Simranjit Singh Mann and leaders paid rich tribute to Sant Bhindranwale and remembered his accomplishments.

Sant Birthday 1While addressing the Sikh Sangat, S. Mann said, “the Sikh nation loves every other nation, religion, sect or country and Sikhs prays for ‘Sarbat da Bhala’ (Welfare of mankind) in their ‘Ardas.’   In spite of that, Hindutavi rulers, parochial classes and their follower English newspapers,  namely The Times of India, Indian post, and The Tribune, mislead people by disseminating false propaganda against Sant Bhindranwale that there were Pakistani hands behind him.  This propaganda is a deep conspiracy to defame the Sikh nation.  He (Sant Bhindranwale) did not allow troops of trio—Britain, USSR and India—to enter into his fort for 72 hours.  For such Jarnails, what will be the need of seeking help from other countries?”

Sant Birthday 2Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal, chief of the Panthik Sewa Lehar, Bhai Dhian Singh Mand, Jaskaran Singh Kahan Singh Wala, Prof. Mohinder Pal Singh, also addressed the Sangat and observed martyrdom of the Saint-Soldier.

It is notable that Anti-Panthik groups including Shiv Sena had strongly opposed posters of this Samagam due to its Pro-Khalistani content.  Senior Congress leader and former Punjab CM Rajinder Kaur Bhathal has also opposed the campaign in favour of Khalistan through these posters.


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