Gurdwara Bal Lila Under Construction in Nankana Sahib

NANKANA SAHIB, Pakistan—Gurdwara Bal Lila is located in Nankana Sahib in present day Pakistan. The town is named after Guru Nanak (1469-1539), the founder of the Sikh faith. Guru Nanak was born in this town on Baisakh Sudi 3, 1526 Bk/ 15 April 1469.

About 300 metres south-east of Gurdwara Janam Asthan, marks the field where Guru Nanak used to play in the company of other children. As is apparent from the name, this site is related with the wonderful adventure of the early childhood of the Guru. The Guru in his infancy, used to transport the enlightenment of the Naam (God’s name) to the minds of his friends, while playing with them.

The original holy pond Nanaksar with this Gurdwara was built by Rai Bular, the ruler of Talwandi. Guru Hargobind during his visit to the town is said to have enlarged the site. Diwan Kaura Mall, a Hindu noble (d. 1752), after his victory over Multan with the assistance of the Sikhs in 1748, further enlarged this Gurdwara and brick lined two sides of the nearby tank originally got dug by Rai Bular.

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