Noormahal Based Cult Continues Charade After Death of Cult Leader

Cult Leader Ashutosh misused Sikh traditions and scriptures
Cult Leader Ashutosh misused Sikh traditions and scriptures

CHANDIGARH—Representatives of Noormahal based cult “Divya jyoti Jagriti Sansthan” seems to refuse to end the drama being played out by them after the death of their head Ashutosh. On one side, they are saying that their “Maharaj” (King) is still in “Samadhi” or trance state, on the other side they are saying that his body has been shifted to a mortuary freezer chamber as sign of changes in its skin has been noticed.

The representatives led by Sadhwi Jaya Bharti held a press conference on Monday, during which they provided nothing new on the matter. The Sadhwi spoke to the media along with a Chandigarh based physician Dr. Harpal who has examined Ashutosh since he slipped into so-called ‘Samadhi’.

Dr. Harpal said, “Ashutosh is clinically dead. Last Tuesday night when I reached [cult headquarters], a team of doctors from Partap Singh Apollo Hospital Ludhiana, was already there. After several check-ups, including an ECG test, the team, too, concluded that Ashutosh is clinically dead.”

Meanwhile, the cult’s official website is disseminating that Ashutosh continues “to be in the state of Samadhi (deep meditation). Any un-official news/update regarding this matter should not be considered to be truthful. DJJS encourages all its members to practice as much meditation as possible to partake in the positive energy being created by [Ashutosh].”

Since Ashutosh’s death, Cult representatives keep on changing their claims.

On Wednesday, cult management claimed Ashutosh was in a sitting ‘samadhi’ position; later they said he is in a sleeping position.

On Thursday, news broken out that the cult hired two mortuary chambers from Bhootnath Temple.

The cult claimed only one chamber was hired and that to in panic by a volunteer.

On Friday, the cult said that it would return the mortuary chambers by evening but it did not do so.

On Saturday, the cult claimed to have returned the mortuary chambers but did not do so.

On Sunday, it was claimed that Ashutosh was still in Samadhi and his body is in perfect condition.


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