Suraj Kumar to Suraj Singh – Story of a Young Gursikh

PHILLAUR, Punjab—Recently, in the Village of Phillaur, Khera, at Gurwara Shaheeda Singhan there was a turban tying competition. The centre of attention was a 16 year old amritdhari contestant who had converted to Suraj Singh from Suraj Kumar.

Many at the competition were shocked at the story he narrated about his conversion to Sikhi. His story raised concerns on the inner workings of the Sikhs’ top governing body, the SGPC , which works for the welfare of Sikhs and whose budget is more than that of the regional government.

Suraj Singh said at Gurwara Shaheeda Singhan, that he and his mother sacrificed a lot for him to receive Amrit baptism, wherein his father divorced his mother and also left them homeless. Not only this, after the incident, no one amongst his relatives talks to them. He said his family looks at him with scorn.

Suraj Singh, is the son of Satan Bhagat, resident of Lallu Nagar, District Kathiar, Bihar Hall, who is now residing at Punjab Village, Khanori. When he was 6 months old, his family came to Punjab to earn a living as laborers.  When he grew up, he was sent to the government school of Khanori.  

When he was older, one of the students gifted him the biography of Guru Gobind Singh. After reading it, he was so inspired, that he decided to become a Sikh of the Guru. During this time, he stopped trimming his hair. Due to poverty, his parents did not take things seriously and meanwhile his grandmother passed away. Due to this, Suraj was surrounded by many hardships because according to their custom, if anyone in the family dies, all boys of the house have to trim their hair—a custom against Sikh values.

Initially, Suraj revolted against this, but when nobody in his family supported him, he ran away from home and hid at a Gurdwara Sahib in Khloti. To abide by the custom, the family kept on searching for Suraj Singh before his grandmother’s cremation, but they could not find him for 2 months. When they found him after 2 months, he had received Amrit and was Suraj Singh now.

Suraj Singh’s mother is a laborer in the village to earn a living for both of them. Only Suraj Singh’s classmate Jaskaran Singh, and another villager, Gurdeep Singh have helped them.

Reports from locals say that Suraj Singh was taken to SGPC President Avtar Makkar to seek help but he was turned away immediately. Suraj Singh did not get turned off from Sikhi after this incident, but rather he is studying and spreading the word about Sikhism in different villages—he is becoming an example for Sikhs.

Suraj Singh said that in today’s modern world boys from the Sikh community consider turban and long hair out of style—they trim their hair and use tobacco and other intoxicating substances. He feels that Sikh youth should consider their religion the best. By looking at Suraj Singh’s love and passion for the religion, NRI Satnam Singh Khera from Canada, awarded him a cash prize.


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