Why I am Still a Conservative…

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Because I believe in the fundamental values of small government, lower taxes, and freedom. I believe that if someone works hard they should be able to reap the rewards. I believe that working should always pay more than being on benefits. But I also believe that whose who can’t work should be helped. 

The Sikh Council will tell you, it was the Conservative Party who were very keen on getting the first political engagement event off the ground. The Conservative party do not take our vote for granted, they engage with the community, they listen and take action.

The revelations of the documents from 1984 do not tell us what plan or advice the SAS officer gave. Nor does it tell us whether this plan was put into place. I am not justifying what the Government of 1984 may or may not have done. I just want to point out the fact that we should not add one and one and get five. We need to wait for the report of the inquiry and see what it tells us. There are many unconfirmed sources that say the SAS officer did go into Harmander Sahib and reported that the Indian Army should not enter as there would be mass civilian casualties.

Prime Minister David Cameron has on many occasions come out and spoken positively about the Sikh community. David Cameron, is the first ever sitting Prime Minister, the first ever leader of a party that has mentioned Bandi Chor in the Divali message. He is the first sitting PM for visit Harmandir Sahib and has spoken about this on many occasions.

Some videos and statement here:

David Cameron praises Sangat TV in Parliament

David Cameron vaisakhi message 2013

Sikhs congratulated by PM David Cameron during PMQs – 20 March 2013

David Cameron comments on Sikhs April 2013

Bandi Chhor message


  1. Support the Conservatives ? The party for the rich and powerful. The party of Thatcher, friend of Indira Gandhi ? The party which had most MP’s support the Iraq War ? You don’t support helping the weak and powerless poor i.e benefits ? Which btw don’t give people much at all, you try living off £70 a week, and see how you feel ? They allow the likes of Kuldeep Brar to enter the UK.
    The Conservative Party is no friend of the Sikhs, they are happy to receive support but do nothing for our right for freedom. It is the Labour MP’s in Tom Watson, Pat McFadden amongst others who are fighting for justice for Sikhs.
    Sikhs should be socialist, that is how our Guru’s were. Langar Hall is sewa- giving and not expecting anything in return, Sewa.


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