Gurkha Sikh Performs Ardas During Gurpurb at Kathmandu

—Epitomizing the path of universal brotherhood preached by Guru Nanak Dev, Ardas (concluding prayers) during culmination of his birth anniversary celebrations at Gurdwara Nanak Math in Kathmandu, was performed by a Gurkha Sikh. This follows the decision of Nepal government to allow hundreds of Sikhs in Kathmandu to celebrate Gurpurb.

Giani Gurbax Lamsal Singh, whose original name was Chat Prasad Lamsal and converted to Sikhism way back in 1976, performed Ardas to mark conclusion of Akhand Path (continuous reading of holy scriptures) on November 17 during Gurpurb celebrations at Gurdwara Nanak Math, the shrine built to commemorate the visit by Guru Nanak Dev in early 16th century. Eminent Sikhs from India visited the shrine from November 15 to 17 for celebrations.

“Gurbax [Singh], who was baptized as Sikh in Jodhpur in Rajasthan, studied Sikh theology from Sikh Missionary College in Amritsar, where he stayed before being moved to Nepal to manage religious affairs of Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, Kathmandu,” said Ravinder Singh Sethi, a leading transporter of Nepal and an office-bearer of management committee of Singh Sabha gurdwara.

Gurbax, who had also learnt playing harmonium and tabla, told one of the pilgrims that even his brother had also converted to Sikhism and his wife had also embraced the faith. Responding to the campaign launched by Dubai-based philanthropist SPS Oberoi, the Nepalese government had reportedly allowed Sikhs to organize Gurpurb celebrations at Gurdwara Nanak Math.

As per claims of Sikh organizations and researchers, Guru Nanak had visited the place during one of his four Udasis (long journey). Influenced by the teachings of Guru Nanak, the then king of Nepal had donated land in his name. Later, a small gurdwara was built on that site.

“It was because of Gurbax’s perfection, which he has acquired over years to recite Sikh religious prayers, that we had specially invited him to perform ardas at the culmination of Akhand Path,” Sethi said, adding that another Gurkha Sikh, Bhai Gurdeep Singh, was also performing religious duties at Gurdwara Singh Sabha on permanent basis.


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