Canadian Official Opposition Leader Issues Statement on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Gurpurab

tom_mulcair_rumaalOTTAWA, Ontario, Canada—Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the occasion of Gurpurab:

“To all followers of the Sikh faith and all celebrating, I extend my best wishes during Gurpurab.

New Democrats join the many Sikhs gathered in Canada and around the world in celebrating the teachings of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji – a poet, activist and leader that continues to inspire many to fight for equality.

As we celebrate our shared values of Kirat Karni, Vand Kay Shukna and Seva, these basic notions of integrity, sharing and selflessness guide our collective vision for a Canada where no one is left behind.

As Sikhs across Canada celebrate the extraordinary life and achievements of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, may this Gurpurab be a renewal of our commitment to collectively work together for fairer, greener and a more socially and economically prosperous Canada.

Aap sabh noo, Guru Nanak Sahib Ji De Parkash Utsav Dee Lakh Lakh Vadaee Hove Ji.”


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