Australian Sikh Taxi Driver Sets Example of True Honesty, Returns $100,000

MELBOURNE, Australia—A case of an Australian taxi driver has come forward that has shocked many who do not know of Sikhs. Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon, a Sikh who drives a taxi in Australia, came into the limelight earlier this month when he returned money valuing over $100,000 AUD that was left in his car by mistake.

Lakhwinder was performing his regular duty as a taxi driver when he gave a lift to a wealthy passenger to a local casino.  His passenger accidentally left a bag full of money which was returned by Lakhwinder Singh.

News of Lakhwinder Singh’s honesty has been discussed in great details on social media however this news is yet to make it to local Australian newspapers.

In the past, Sikhs were renowned for their honesty.


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