Petition Filed to Seek Arrest in Case of Elderly Sikh Couple Brutally Assaulted in New Delhi

NEW DELHI—A petition has been launched seeking the arrest of attackers who brutally assaulted an elderly Sikh couple in New Delhi this past week.  The petition is addressed to Mr. Bhim Sen Bassi, Commissioner of Delhi Police and National Commission for Minorities.

The violent incident shocked the Sikh Sangat of Delhi on October 7 when news broke out about a Sikh family in the Rohini area, Sector 3, Delhi, which was attacked by a group of 7-8 young men in what seemed to be a well-planned attack.  The attackers brutally injured an elderly Sikh lady causing jaw injuries.  They used a sharp blade to slit her wrist, but luckily she has survived the attack.  Her husband was also brutally injured.  The elderly Sikh man was held from his beard and his turban was removed.  The attackers allegedly kicked him and his turban.

The main attacker, who was named Mukesh, is said to have good relations with the local police SHO and a local judge or Rohini court.  He is said to have carried out similar attacks on Sikhs and others in the same neighborhood.  Due to his political influence, no case has yet been registered against him.

The petition can be signed online at


  1. If police is not taking action then these bastards will reduced to dust by the will of God. He will be thrown in gutter and realise what Sikhs have done for the country in times of need and now these bastards haramkhors are protected by these corrupt judges and police.
    All these son of haramkors will be severly punished along with their family members. God ways might be slow but justice will be done 10 times stronger.


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