Gujarat Sikhs Blame Local Government for Deadly Attack

Vasanbhai Ahir is a Member of the Legislative Assembly from Bhuj constituency in Gujarat for its 12th legislative assembly

GUJARAT, India—Members of the local Sikh community living in the Bhuj area of Gujarat have launched a formal complaint against members of the Gujarat legislative assembly for failing to take strict action to protect Sikhs.  In addition, the name of BJP legislator Vasanbhai Ahir has been rumored to be that of the main perpetrator of the bloody attack against Sikhs Tuesday.

Sikhs in Gujarat have been forced to live as second class citizens as the Government has denied them the right to purchase farm land.  This is a huge blow to Sikh families who are mostly farmers from Punjab that settled in Gujarat decades ago.

Local Sikhs have filed complaints with the Bhuj police and have asked for protection for their families.  Local spokespersons of the community told Sikh24 that that Sikhs had been sensing trouble for quite some time and a meeting was held last week to discuss the issue with the district administration—but despite their promises, the deadly attack could not be foiled.

Victims Allege Gujarat Attack Was Well Planned

Amandeep Singh, one of the victims that was injured during the attack, alleged that he is the rightful owner of the land for years and has all official records that list his family as the owners.  He held that his farming land was illegally allotted to some other persons and on October 3rd, a group of men came to question them about the land ownership.  These men left after seeing the registration papers, but as per Amandeep Singh’s statement, he saw questionable men taking walks around his fields on a routine basis.  This is why the meeting was held with the local administration.

These same men came back this past Tuesday in a large group and attacked Amandeep Singh and three of his relatives.  Sikh24 had earlier published a detailed record of the incident and detailed that gunshots were fired in the air.


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