Guru Ramdaas Ji’s Gurpurab Celebrated at Sri Darbar Sahib

AMRITSAR SAHIB—While Ragi Jathas have already been singing shabads relating to the life of Guru Ramdaas Ji for a week now, there was much excitement in the shabad kirtan singing today at Sri Darbar Sahib and other Gurdwaras located across Punjab and worldwide.  Ragi Jathas, Katha Vachaks and Dhadi Jathas sang praises to remember the blessings of the fourth Guru Nanak.

A special nagar kirtan (procession) was taken out from Sri Akal Takht Sahib which included Sikh sangat numbering in the thousands along with representatives of various organizations.  The nagar kirtan toured parts of Amritsar Sahib, went through bazaars, and returned to Akal Takht Sahib.  Langars were setup at various places.  Gatka parties performed throughout the way.

Nagar kirtan
Watch this video on YouTube.

Gatka demonstrations by young Sikhs during the nagar kirtan

EcoSikh organisation volunteers under the banner of EcoAmritsar also went to different parts of Amritsar Sahib to “collect garbage during the entire time of the religious procession attended by thousands.”  EcoSikh is a US based organisation that is doing environmental work in Punjab.  Volunteers from the organisation collected trash from roads and ensured they were left clean.

EcoSikh to Marked Garbage Free Nagar Kirtan at Guru Ramdas's Gurpurab
Watch this video on YouTube.

EcoSikh volunteers at the Nagar Kirtan




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