Tensions Rise as Multiple Attacks Launched Against Sikhs Across India

GUJARAT, India—News reports of Sikhs being attacked in Gujarat and Delhi have created shockwaves in the Sikh community living worldwide.  As per media reports, a Sikh family living in Loria village of Bhuj district of Gujarat was attacked by a mob yesterday.  Four male members of the Sikh family were left critically injured and were admitted to a local district hospital.

In a statement, one of the injured, Amandeep Singh said that at least 30 armed men had attacked him and his family members who were sowing crops during the day.  According to him, several shots were even fired in the air.  Along with Amandeep Singh, the brutal attack also injured Angrej Singh, Jaswinder Singh and Harpreet Singh.  All four were admitted under intensive care.

Amandeep Singh alleged that he doesn’t know what may have instigated the mobs.  He alleged that the attackers wanted them to leave the farms and return to Punjab.  Amandeep Singh’s family has been living in Gujarat for over five decades and they were allotted the farming land back in 1960.  It should be noted that the plight of Sikh farmers came to light recently when they blamed the local Government for refusing to allow them to purchase land.

In another incident, a Sikh family in the Rohini area, Sector 3, Delhi, was attacked by a group of 7-8 young men in what seems to be a well-planned attack.  The attackers brutally injured an elderly Sikh lady causing jaw injuries.  They used a sharp blade to slit her wrist, but luckily she has survived the attack.

Her husband was also brutally injured.  The elderly Sikh man was held from his beard and his turban was removed.  The attackers allegedly kicked him and his turban.

They used racial slurs to abuse the elderly Sikh husband and wife.  The attackers alleged that they are going to repeat 1984 once again as the Sikhs have forgotten their past carnage in the City.

The main attacker, who was named Mukesh, is said to have good relations with the local police SHO and a local judge or Rohini court.  He is said to have carried out similar attacks on Sikhs and others in the same neighborhood.  Due to his political influence, no case has yet been registered against him.


  1. I wished in 1947 that we had a country of i own ( pakistan punjab, punjab, hp, haryana and jammu kashmir) would have become khalistan we would have had a identity, now we a a small minority being persurcuted first by muslims, AND NOW by hindus, the very people sikhs proctected,.

    Rahul gandhi is fueling the crisis, because sikhs killed his mother, WHAT ABOUT hindu tamils killing your father, do you hate them as well

    I still hope one day that we have our own country, not just india punjab, but pak punjab, haryana, j&k, hp
    Otherwise we sikhs are to suffer further by our so called hindu brothers


  2. Now i understood why sant jarnail singh Bindrawale was demanding for Khalistan, these culprits should be punished but our sikhs leaders are busy making their property who cares shame on this guys when they cannot protect their community….

  3. Until captain amrindar singhs family and badals family personally feels the heat and deaths then these so called sikh eladers will not do anything…as you have seen these slaves of the indian establishment have done nothing for the victims of indian state terrorism and instead chose to sleep in the same bed at the corrupt hindustani terrorists who killed many innocent Sikh civilians.

    Why was sant longowal, sant bhidnranwale, amoung others got killed by the indian state while these cowards and rats our so called sikh leaders living life in luxury?

  4. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. —George Santayana.That past unpreparedness and lax attitude towards security needs of the Sikh community is bound to expose itself to rioting.Sikhs must live in gated neighborhoods,under friendly security apparatus and strong fortified Gurdwaras.Use surveillance Cameras and picture phones to take images of the Rioters,for producing before the courts.Learn from the mistakes and keep together.Good luck!

  5. These are sad and unfortunate news for Sikh victims, innocent Sikhs, we feel sorry for the victims of high handedness and sympathizing for their suffering. Such type of unlawful bullying and harassments prove that Sikh leader are impotent and thugs; not brave Sikhs that Guru Gobind Singh Ji determined.

    At the same time it is excellent news for Gurdwara managements, its managing members and our Sikh leaders to collect the funds from congregations and negotiate deals with congress for their personal gains. It is real same for so called Amritdhari and Khalsa members those are proving thugs again and again. Further I must add that all freedom fighter for India’s independent’s struggle of 1947 were fools and their generation should be ashamed not proud of their actions.


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