Kenyan Sikh Satpal Singh Named Hero of Nairobi Westgate Mall Attack


NAIROBI, Kenya—Satpal Singh, a Sikh living in Kenya has been named one of the Heroes of the Nairobi Westgate Mall Attack.  Satpal Singh’s name came to the limelight after he shared his story of the attack by al-Shabab.  Singh was at the mall for a business meeting when he heard gunshots and explosions.  He ran downstairs to see what was going on.

As a Sikh, he felt it was his duty to help the victims, during which he was also attacked and shot by the terrorists.  He reached out to security to seek their assistance in battling the terrorists.

Satpal Singh’s contributions to saving lives at Westgate were highlighted as he led a group of civilians to the cinema hall and requested the security guard to put down the shutters.  From there onwards, Satpal Singh led the people to the fire exit and consequently made it to the outside.

The detailed story of Satpal Singh’s courage can be found here:

In addition to Satpal Singh, BBC has also published accounts of other people involved in the rescue.


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