SikhFeed: Top 10 Ways Punjab Police Make Money

Top Ten Ways Punjabi Police Make Money
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The Punjab Police is perhaps one of the most corrupt and useless police forces in the world. A lot of Sikhs have personally experienced this corruption and been frustrated by it.

The Punjab Police are notorious not only for their corruption involving money, drugs and alcohol but also for taking the role of judges and executioners into their own hands by killing and locking away thousands of innocent citizens.

Readers of Sikh 24 will be no strangers to the atrocities carried out by the Punjab Police and those still being carried out to this day.

Recently a Punjab Police officer admitted to having killed 83 youth in Punjab during the militancy days. The atrocities committed by the Punjab Police are open knowledge yet the Government has not done anything about it.

We’ve come up with this list to provide a humorous look at how Punjab Police Officers make money:

2013-08-06 Policesleeping


1) Telling you that your Chachi’s son’s wife’s brother’s wife’s kid’s daughter’s son is in jail and he’ll need x amount of money to be let go otherwise he’ll face x amount of years in jail.


2) Forcing businesses to pay “protection” money from local Gangs (can you guess who the local gangs are? If you guessed Punjabi Police you’re right!)


3) Of course if the local gangs are the Punjab Police here’s another source of their income: looting and robbing business.


4) Smuggling drugs into prisons and general drug dealing.



5) Taking bribes from suspects in order to drop their charges.


6) Approaching innocent victims claiming to have a long list of charges that will put them away in prison for life, these charges can be dropped if the police are paid a decent amount of money.



7) Getting paid by citizens to add false charges to their enemies or people they don’t like.



8) Hire themselves out to the highest bidder to do whatever that person wants them to do, i.e be security for big name gangsters.



9) Stealing and then selling government issued weapons on the black market.


10) Of course the one we all know about. “Randomly” stopping people driving expensive cars and giving them trouble for no apparent reason.

The people in the car not wanting to waste time will give the Police a decent sum of money to be left alone.



  1. I can confirm the anti corruption Vigilance Bureau police of Punjab and the whole Punjab police are the criminal bosses and totally corrupt taking and thriving NRI land property and monies with the help of patwaris, sarpanch, , tehsils and foreign businessmen, they are hired hit men … Parmjit Singh 0044-7702226952… I wish the British came back to rule to destroy these corrupt crooks that Pretend they ate sikhs

  2. Dear Editor:
    Thank you for endorsing that Punjab Police is most corrupt among the police forces in the world. Punjab police staff is our own blood; hence we Sikhs are most corrupted in the entire World. To whom we should blame our parents, grand-parents, teachers, preachers, community members?

    How Punjab Police get notorious, generate corruption, involve in black money, drugs and alcohol, as judges are corrupt and our elected leaders allow Punjab police to be executers, killing and locking away thousands of innocent citizens?

    “Koorh Raja, Koorh Parja, Koorh Sabh Sansar”: We Sikhs are spreading corruption in the entire World. Yes, we have 50 year experience that continuously atrocities carried out by the Punjab Police, those still being carried out to this day and will be carried out in the future. Government has not done and will not do anything about it as it is executed by its command and control. First our religious leaders to follow Guru Ji’s teaching, be independent, corruption free and not to be in bed with corrupted politicians.


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