PGI Chandigarh Apologizes for Barring Keskis and Kirpans for Entrance Exam

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Post Graduate Institute has apologized for barring Sikh students entrance to take the PGIMER entrance test.  The incident took place earlier this week when students wearing articles of Sikh faith were denied entry.  The institute has alleged that it did not intend to hurt religious sentiments of the Sikh community.

It has been learned that the PGI staff had raised objection to Sikh boys and girls wearing kirpans and dastars.  Sikh girls adorning keskis were also sidelined which caused them much embarrassment.

The PGI Institute has tendered an unofficial apology and has allowed Sikh students to take exam however the incident has upset the Sikh community living worldwide.  It remains a major concern for the community living worldwide that Sikhs in Punjab are facing continuous discrimination.

The SGPC President has condemned the incident and asked Shivraj Patil, Punjab Governor, to take action against the officers on duty for harassing Sikh students.  He alleged that it was unacceptable for anyone to ask Sikhs to remove their kirpans and keskis.  SGPC President further demanded legal action against Dr. Dr K Gauba who had issued orders barring Sikh students entrance to the exam.


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