80 Year Old Sikh Man Attacked in Broad Daylight in England

Update: The girl that attacked the elderly Sikh has been arrested by the police.  Click here for more information.

Coventry, UK—Shocking video footage of a girl attacking an 80-year-old Sikh man and spitting in his face is being investigated by police.

The footage was captured in Coventry city centre and shows the girl kicking and punching the elderly Sikh man from Canley before knocking him to the floor and hurling abuse at him

Attack on Sikh pensioner in CoventryAttack on Sikh pensioner in Coventry

The pensioner was taken to hospital with a cut nose and swollen eye socket.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the attack and are treating it as a malicious wounding – a serious offence with a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.

The attack happened in broad daylight in Trinity Street on August 10 at 8.30pm.  In the video, the girl – who is accompanied by three male youths – launched the attack in full view of passers by.  The only person to help – a man who picked up the victim’s turban – stepped in once the attacker and her gang were walking away from the area.  At the time of the attack the girl was dressed all in black with green Converse shoes. Her hair was tied in a pony tail.

The video has prompted an angry response on Facebook and Twitter with many calling on the girl to hand herself in. Ajay Singh wrote: “The Sikh turban is not just a piece of cloth, but a crown bestowed upon us by our great leader.  It gives us distinction – so we stand out. It gives us a sense of responsibility – so we do not wander from the path of righteousness.  “Most of all, it gives us the values passed on to us by our holy book – and that includes standing up for the weak and vulnerable.  I hope these cowards are caught and punished fairly.

Elderly Sikh Man Attacked in UK
Watch this video on YouTube.

Actual video footage that has surfaced online

Harmony Lully said: “I actually feel physically sick, wish I never watched this now. I can’t believe anyone would ever have the audacity to do such a horrible thing, especially in my own City! And shame on the people who stood and watched/filmed her and didn’t have the decency to stop her. I hope justice will be served.”

Amadine Ambrico wrote: “See this is what the world is coming too unbelievable.  If that was my daughter I would drag her to the police station let her face up to this disgraceful act.  Shame on you and shame on everyone else standing around watching it you all should feel such shame.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said the incident was being investigated but no arrests have been made so far.

Call 101 if you can help.


  1. “Chav” girls are no joke. I refused to serve alcohol to a group of them at the supermarket where I work, I finished my shift a short while later and as I walked across the car park they appeared. Next thing I knew I was on the concrete with three pairs of ugg boots caving my head in. I wont forget that in a hurry – and I’m a 33 year old male.

  2. These attacks on the vulnerable are common in all countries, this video is a reminder of the abuse one might get physically or mentally by those who have no respect for others or are ignorant enough not to know about their countries history. I am deeply saddened but am also experienced to know that it happens.
    My question is why didn’t the person holding the phone camera intervene? He sounded asian. Is the UK youth more concerned about getting it on AMERICAN GLOBAL GIANT you tube ? This seems the case when watching related videos about this attack on you tube.
    And what the hell are the police doing about it? Coventry has the most CCTV cameras in the UK. Simple just watch the footage to see the youths leaving the centre or rewind to see them enter the city centre. Coventry centre is situated within a ring road.
    Please, please please coventry warwickshire police get your act together.
    Finally, why is that Coventry Telegraph (local newspaper) does not have any articles about this? Again they are more concerned you joined their USA owned FACEBOOK.
    Wake up Britain : we are a culturally diverse entity, due to history, please read how the Sikhs and Polish helped Britain fight there wars.
    If you still think Britain should be white only, then your not really living with your eyes open and possibly not visited our capital. Also you really need to visit somewhere like Portugal where there are ‘little britains’ taking over. How do you think Portuguese feel about this?
    Also most brutal country take overs were carried out by white people !!! Should native indians and aborigines attack them ???

  3. Sikhs in the UK, US & Canada – Fatal Victims of a Serious Identity Crisis

    Once again, the Sikh community in the US has been attacked since 9/11. Despite the US Govt’s assurances, there have been more than 700 incidences of hate crimes committed against the Sikhs since 9/11. Violence against any community is intolerable, be it a Sikh or non Sikh. The US Govt has made efforts to ensure the safety of minorities like the Sikhs in the US, but unfortunately it is still not enough. America has once again failed to address the root cause of the problem & till that root cause is not adressed, I am afraid that attacks like these will again recur. Despite repeated claims by the Sikhs in the US that they are different from the Muslims, though they may resemble them in physical appearance, & that we Sikhs have nothing in common with them, the US Govt has not taken a serious note about their greivances. It is up to the US & Canadian Govts. to properly explain to their people, the TRUE DEFINITION OF A SIKH & HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE A SIKH FROM A NON SIKH LIKE INTRODUCING THIS SUBJECT IN SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS & TILL THIS ISSUE IS NOT ADDRESSED, AMERICANS & CANADIANS WILL NEVER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SIKH & A NON SIKH & SIKHS WILL BE REPEATEDLY TARGETTED DUE TO THIS IDENTITY CRISIS FUELLED BY A WAVE OF ISLAMOPHOBIA/XENOPHOBIA THAT IS SWEEPING THE REGION.

    Despite protests by Sikhs in the US & Canada, the FBI still clubs crimes against the Sikhs with Anti Muslim crimes & is not treating them as separate crimes. One more shocking truth that has emerged from the Wisconsin massacre is that the perpetrator of this heinous crime is a an Army veteran. He was already on the Police’s watchlist for affiliation to various White supremacist groups & Neo Nazi groups & being member of a far right punk band with hate for other races. Had the law enforcement agencies restrained him earlier, this tragedy would have never happened. Now, the Govt should atleast arrest & restrain such individuals who harbour a far right ideology like him, those who are associated with these White supremacist groups & pose a danger to minorities. Now that it has been proven beyond doubt that the Gurudwara shooter was a Neo Nazi, I wonder why the US Govt is still in denial that it is a Hate crime rather than dismissing it as a case of Domestic Terrorism or is it due to the impending Elections in order to appease a vote bank?. THE PEOPLE NEED SOME SERIOUS ACTION FROM THE GOVT RATHER THAN GETTING ONLY REPEATED CONDOLENCES FOR THESE ACTS OF VIOLENCE WHICH ARE HAPPENING AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    The US & Canadian Govts say that their citizens enjoy the Right to Freedom of Speech as enshrined in their Constitutution, but they should realise that it is beneficial so long as a Constructive ideology is perpetuated to the masses & not a Destructive ideology which these Racist White groups are employing. They are spreading their venom through hate music, hate forums, their magazines & editorials etc under the guise of Right to Freedom of Speech. This is how the Nazis came to power in Germany. By spreading their evil ideology among the masses, they are trying to brainwash them & if the Govt does not clamp down hard on them now, later it may be too late as their Evil ideology is already spreading with an increase in the number of hate crimes aginst the minorities & immigrants & most of them are Anti Semitic & deny the Holocaust just like the Nazis.

    THE US & Canadian GOVTS. AND OTHER CONCERNED COUNTRIES WILL HAVE TO ADOPT A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY AGAINST THESE RACIST GROUPS BEFORE THEIR EVIL IDEOLOGY SPREADS TO A LARGER SECTION OF THE POPULATION AS SEEN IN CERTAIN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES ALREADY. Unfortunately, their nefarious designs are being helped by the current Economic downturn in Europe & the US, increased layoffs from jobs, foreclosures & rising unemployment which has given them an excuse to target the immigrants. Due to these factors, some of these Racist groups have formed Political parties & even won some seats in the Parliaments of their respective countries like the British Nationalist Party in UK & the Golden Dawn Party in Greece which are Pro White & want to kick out all the Immigrants from their countries. STRANGELY, DESPITE THE US GOVT’S CONDEMNATION OF THE ATTACK, NOT A SINGLE BISHOP OR CARDINAL FROM ANY CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION HAS SPOKEN IN FAVOUR OF THE SIKHS & THEY WERE SILENT EVEN DURING PREVIOUS INSTANCES OF HATE CRIMES BEING COMMITTED AGAINST THE SIKHS.

    Apart from fighting Al Qaeda terrorists, they have to fight these Right Wing terrorists too who are destroying the country from within & whatever their forefathers including Abraham Lincoln died fighting for. Their is no place for this Hateful ideology in today’s cosmopolitan world & at the same time, both this Racist Neo Nazi ideology cannnot coexist in a multicultural society like the USA & other related countries in Europe which have also accepted multiculturalism as a part of their National Policy. So, the US Govt. & related countries should ban all these Racist groups & parties & blacklist them & arrest their members like it has been done for Al Qaeda. In today’s competitive world, evidence has shown that those countries like Canada that have adopted Multiculturalism as part of its national policy are progressing forwards, while those that adopt a racist ideology are left behind in Global development. Other countries too are facing this problem, like the large scale massacre in Oslo, Norway last year which was again committed by a Right Wing terrorist. SO UNLESS THE GOVT ACTS NOW & NIPS THIS EVIL IN THE BUD, LATER ON IT WILL GROW BEYOND CONTROL & EAT THE GOVT ITSELF.

    Again I am reiterating that violence perpetrated against any community is intolerable be it a Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jew, Black etc. The second main cause of this problem is the LAX GUN CULTURE IN THE US. UNLESS THE US GOVT IMPOSES STRICT RESTRICTIONS ON THE SALE & PURCHASE OF WEAPONS, THESE SENSELESS ACTS OF VIOLENCE WILL ONLY RECUR. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin shooting took place a few weeks after the Colorado theatre massacre, but still the US Govt has still not taken any serious steps to control the Gun culture in the country. If the US Govt is still not able to prevent these acts of violence against the Sikhs & other minorities, they will eventually get disillusioned with the State & start creating their own security before the next psychopath strikes. IF I AM NOT WRONG, US CITIZENS HAVE POSSESSION OF 50% OF ALL THE FIREARMS AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD WHICH IS INDEED SHOCKING. So, it is no surprise that Gun related crimes keep happening repeatedly in the US either in schools, malls, parking lots etc.

    The Punjabis & the Sikhs are a hard working community & have made their impact felt wherever in the world thay have settled including the US & Canada. Sikhs in the US & Canada have contributed immensely to its economic success & they are a very friendly & peace loving people by nature always helping people in need including those from other communities too, a quality for which they are known throughout the world. The Sikh religion is the most modern religion in the world, just 500 years old & a person of any faith can come to a Sikh place of worship which is called a Gurudwara. In our religion, Women have equal rights as Men since the founding of this religion 500 years back. The 9/11 attacks, the economic problems in the US including rising unemployment & the economic success of the Sikhs in the US & Canada & mistaking Sikhs as Muslims has also led to a rise in attacks against the Sikhs by Racist White groups.


  4. There are no words to describe such an unforgivable attack! And this from a 19 yr old girl! U would think by this age you would have learnt some sort of respect for the elderly! Any attack on children and the elderly- the weak and vunrable – should b punished with maximum penalty. Religion colour has no part to play in this disgusting attack! It is a fact this is a snapshot of the youth of today! Please please educate your children – teach them right from wrong. It’s not too late to make a difference! Imagine this happening to one of ur loved ones! My heart goes out to the victim and his family! I’m furious and I do not know the victim! And i would to love to know wat the man who took the time to record the attack was thinking – ur just as sick as the girl who did it! We can’t be afraid to stand up to these thugs/ chavs whatever u want to call then! Lets stand together and stamp them out! Wat goes around comes around – she will get her just derserves!

  5. Hang on guys – she seems to indicate that he groped her breasts- Sikh or not, if this is true, we would want our daughters and sisters to fight back to a sexual assault.

    Also, what about the elderly man’s language- “maa Di Lund”?

    • I think she’s referring to when he tried protecting himself and hitting back he might have accidentally touched her. Plus damn right on him swearing at her even if she doesn’t understand it.

  6. Can you imagine U CAN DO TO A BRITISH/AMERICAN/FRENCH in India.

    Because they have pride in themselves.

    Here our country these politicians made us so little that even our country people are treated like insects. Then why blame other country? In our country every day these politicians are looting us kicking us and in name of democracy we all bearing this.

    Bring a strong PM and see the change. We Indians lost our pride. World knows people loot us and we keep mum. We shall again vote for these looters who post election will group together.

    Dear Indians open your eyes, don’t miss your chance to vote and vote for stronger and person you find fit to lead us. Not on cast and religion.

    You will make future of your child if you elect best or spoil if not the best.

    I guarantee you you elect strong visionary leader and Rs will bounce by 10% in a week and 20% in a year. Leaders like for MMS and SG are not good for country. Longer they stay bigger is chance that tomorrow some sikh lady will be thrashed in UK/USA.

  7. People like that chav always feel powerful within their own circle of friends. Leave them alone without their pathetic excuses of friends and they will crumble. Their culture has absolutely no respect for elders. It’s right that the true native British people have more respect for their pets than their parents. I hope this girl suffers every living nanosecond of her life.

  8. Couldn’t the onlookers give one tight slap to this bi**h ??

    Overpowering 3-4 people by a crowd isnt that difficult a thing, but people would rather stay mum than get dragged into controversy…strange world we’ve come to live in!

  9. Why did she do it.? Is her daughter, sister one of many being abused by Pakistanis in the uk? Did he do something to her in a shop, on the train or bus. She appears pretty angry, lets find out why she did it before we start moralising. I am guessing it has something to do with street grooming in the uk, our soldiers being hacked to death on our streets in the name of Allah and many other Muslim and ethnic minority atrocities.

    • are you on drugs?

      never mind lets find out why she did it and all that crap, she attacked an old man clearly for no reason.

      let me also one other thing out to you, the gentleman is Sikh NOT Muslim!

      know the difference you moron.

    • You bloody idiotic brit cant u see on the video what this girl and her friends look like? What can a 80 year old religious indian man do to her to make her beat him up in such a way? If u still want to reason this then u are another bloody racist pig like the rest of ur filthy clan. British are hated all over europe…no one likes u uncivilised disgusting chavs …all u do is drink and fight and kill innocent people…your country is crumbling due to anti social behaviour by chavs ….nothing else…your country is not going to hell due to immigration like all u fools want to believe. British are the most intolerant racist shits in the world…

    • why did she do it? Cause shes a chav thats why, old people probably make her angry cause she doesnt know who her grandparents are, come to think of it she probably doesnt know who her own dad is and chances are she already has a 6 yr old at home that doesn’t know who its dad is either.So the chav cycle of life continues, and they can blame other ethnic groups all they want but at the end of the day they know their chav communities are worthless failures all on their own.

    • world knowledge is expensive that even ur pounds cant buy them anymore….you dont do street grooming on an adult 19 year old in the middle of the street. he’s an 80 year old, shes beating him up with 2 other of her mates…any sensible COMMON LAW officer would inexplicably presume an assault…as in a stronger built 19 woman beating up a 80 year old man… And please get ur facts right, SIKHS AND MUSLIMS are different. They have been serving your nation in its army, police, immigration and a plethora of important Public institutions for the past 200 years… Even if ur first assumption is right,the man is not Pakistani he’s a Sikh british pensioner, so lets say your dad is an old guy passing by a street and some group of teens come and shovel him to the ground…may be he was grooming them for sex eh? Dont you see how the children and teens have lost all value…fueled with drugs and alcohol and im sure the 19 YEAR OLD MUST HAVE a DAUGHTER…teens getting pregnant!!…the entire society is literate but undisciplined and uneducated. Havent you forgotten them running riots in England a few years ago…I hope you can handle them or else sooner or later theyll run riots in your own house and you can sit at home deducing all the weird and wacko possibilities…CHEERS

  10. I was thinking uk is the country where Sikh is safe. Shame on that bitch , she did very bad like my grandfather age. I am requested to all Sikhs of England to stand out for this and punish the bull shit people who did that. They don’t no the power of Sikh .she disrespect our taj of guru. Don’t spare them. Find out and tell the information to police . It’s totally racist attack

  11. Im afraid to say this level of disgusting violence is the worst of its kind even to be challaging a old age pensioner to provoke him into defending him self in such a way makes me sick. I can only advice any of the three twats standing with the girl attacking the man ( jeering her on!! ) to come forward or the stupid little girl her self gives her self in before she’s caught and possibly given the wrong types of street justice.

  12. An assault on any senior is a disgrace. Immediately jumping to the conclusion of racism is typical of any non white British citizen. If it was a racist attack, then get used to it. The indigenous British have become political prisoners in their own nation and they have realized how the government has used them in their crazed attempt to sieze their political fantasyland. Britain has benefited very little from mass immigration. Unfortunately, hard working and constructive minorities that typifies the Sikh community can expect much injustice in the next decade as the UK adjusts to its failures.

    • Sam: Isn’t it interesting that Brits don’t seem to be dealing with immigration or diversity any better than is shown in American history, but the British (and most other Europeans) have been thumbing their noses at us about it for generations. Not so easy to deal with after all, is it?

      By the way, why is there no mention of the “tit” grabbing she rants about at the end of the video? Her comment seems to suggest that she was attacking him over a perceived groping. Anyone have any information about that?

    • what a load of rubbish. You and this stupid cow in the video aint political prisoners of anything, your just chavs who are jealous of the successful communities weve built across this country from nothing whilst a great number of your people still live on council estates claiming benefits and having kids when their 13 who grow up to be useless, but its ok because we can expect more excuses from people like you for your communities failures.

      • There are no winners here. Sikh youth are angry. It is obvious from the commentary made here. You are struggling to fit in the UK and feel displaced and isolated. You have to pick a side. UK tolerance is rapidly fading like across much of Europe now. If the economy gets worse, you may have some serious problems to contend with. Don’t bypass the truth. Prepare for it. Remember, those willing to adapt will survive. I have been lucky enough to have been acquainted with some of the finest from your community. That is my only interest here. God bless.

  13. I feel sick in the stomach…he is like my babaji….how pdare these racist low life’s abuse him…I am in tears….please coventry.find this scum cow and get her sent down…..I can’t.believe what I watched…I’m horrified….pls unite and find this scum and put them behind bars….how dare she dishonour our elders our religion our respect our honour

  14. I couldn’t even watch the video. I’m so ashamed of the bystanders too. Every time I’ve ever had any kind of crisis or seen someone else have a crisis in public it’s always a Sikh who steps in and deals with things. They always seem so public-spirited and they always look you straight in the eye and treat you like an equal regardless of your gender or religion or ethnicity. I read about a young boy about to get arrested for shoplifting. The store detective had followed him into a post office and was about to take him away. The elderly Sikh postmaster jumped in and said ‘show me your id?’ and it turned out the ‘store detective’ was a paedophile who was trying to abduct the child! He called the police and the man was arrested and the child was saved. I wish British (native-British) people would be so public spirited and get involved when there is injustice or bullying. It makes me ashamed to be British to think that not one of those bystanders would get involved and protect him.

  15. This makes me sick to my stomach. I am a Black British woman, so understand very well that this attack was probably racially.religiously motivated.
    In all of my life, I have never seen something as despicable as this. Never. I hope these animals are identified very soon and imprisoned.
    I hope this man gets all of the love, care and attention that he will need.

  16. Salaam, I have just come across this video and I am absolutely disgusted at what happen. I am angered that they could actually attack an innocent old man. This woman and the men need to be caught as soon as possible. I was in Derby City Centre last week when I witnessed something similar on a Sikh Gentleman (in his 60s). I intervened and the youngsters ran of and I dropped the shaken man off home. Where is the respect for the elderly gone? I would love to have been there to kick these thug wanabes heads in.


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