Sukhbir Badal May Face Legal Troubles in Canada During Forthcoming Tour

sikhs-for-justiceNEW YORK—After unsuccessfully trying to file a genocide related lawsuit against Parkash Badal in the United States, Sikhs for Justice has found another law to cause trouble for the Badals.  This time, SFJ is seeking the involvement of Canadian courts and law to file lawsuit against Sukhbir Badal for violation of human rights in Punjab. As per the non-profit organization based out of the United States, Punjab State Government Officials are responsible for the massacre of over 250,000 Sikhs during the late 1980’s and 1990’s.

The organization has setup a $20,000 reward for any person who delivers summons to Parkash Badal.  The award has come after Sikhs for Justice failed to prove that summons were ever served to CM Badal when he visited Milwaukee after the Oak Creek incident.

Sukhbir_Parkash_BadalAlthough Sikhs for Justice has failed to bring legal trouble for the ruling party in Punjab, they have however been successful in getting the Badals to cancel or make un-publicized visits to foreign countries.  Such a move has severely caused damage to businesses owned by the Badal family in the West.

As per a press release by Sikhs for Justice, Sukhbir Badal is scheduled to visit Canada in September 2013 but Indian Government officials in Canada have already advised him to cancel this forthcoming trip.  It has also been learned that Sikhs for Justice has approached various Gurdwaras and Sikh organizations to protest the visit by Sukhbir Badal in September.

Sikhs for Justice alleged that the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab is responsible for “NRI-Property issues, illegal occupancy of lands and residential properties by Land Mafia” along with various severe human rights violations allegations.


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