Top 10 Outrageous Costumes of Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Top 10 Outrageous Costumes of Gurmeet Ram Rahim
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We all know of the anti-Sikh cult leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim, aka Gurmeet Insan(e), as a rapist and murderer, but did you know he has a wild fashion sense too? As if the pink milk wasn’t embarrassing enough!

1. 70’s B movie Gurmeet


2. 80’s Rockstar Gurmeet


3. Tibetan Shepard Gurmeet


4. African Prince Gurmeet


5. Gurmeet (Michael) Jackson. Wonder if he can do the moon walk?


6. Sultan Gurmeet


7. Lost Tourist Gurmeet


8. Princess Gurmeet


9. Middle Eastern Princess Gurmeet


10. Queen Eliza…meet (the years of being a princess paid off!)


And one more for the road…

11. Women’s Fashion Model Gurmeet




This is our first SikhFeed article – meant to be a light Buzzfeed inspired article.


  1. Even though this man has offended the tenants of Sikhism, we should not refrain to these type of hate-mongering tactics. This only breeds further negativity in our Qaum. Khalsa should be above these tactics.


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