Leicester Muslim Pedophile Ring Groomed Sikh Girls

2013-07-30-grooming.jpgLeicester, UK—Earlier this year it emerged that police had started arresting young Sikh men relating to a disturbance at a restaurant in Leicester which was housing a group of Muslims who were running a grooming ring in Leicester. Reports to Sikh24 suggest police forces in UK are still pursuing innocent Sikh men to save face in the community due to a lack of action.

16-year-old girl forced into the sex trade by Muslim grooming gang

Multiple men illegally paid for sex with a 16-year-old girl who was forcibly set up as a child prostitute, a trial has heard.

The girl was driven by the gang to various locations around Leicester including parks, flats, and bed and breakfasts, Leicester Crown Court was told.

There are currently three men of the gang, all residents of Leicester, on trial accused of a total of 22 charges under the Sexual Offences Act.

Aabidali Mubarak Ali, 39, Rakib Iacub, 20, and Wajid Usman, 22, three of the alleged key members of the grooming gang, are currently on trial accused of a total of 22 charges under the Sexual Offences Act. While these three continue to deny all charges against them, three others have already pleaded guilty to all of the charges.

Opening the case for the prosecution, barrister Matthew Lowe said: “She was a very damaged and vulnerable 16-year-old girl from a Sikh family. They took advantage of her and took a blind eye to her age.”

“She met Mr Iacub by chance at a Diwali festival,” said Mr Lowe.

The offences allegedly transpired over the course of two months, between November 2012 and January of this year.

Mr Ali, of Guthlaxton Street, and Mr Iacub, of Maynard Road, are accused of participating in, and facilitating child prostitution, as well as child trafficking, as the girl was taken to various locations and introduced to and forced into sex with other men. The third man on trial, Mr Usman, of East Park Road, is also accused of inciting child pornography.

The girl would be given alcohol and cannabis before being paid £20 for sex, Mr Lowe said, then saved up the money.

On one occasion, the court heard, Mr Ali told her: “If you keep me happy I will keep you happy. Money isn’t a problem.”

Jurors were told that she made it clear to the men that she was only 16.

She was described as having a problematic relationship with her parents, but her family became increasingly concerned.

Jurors were told that a group of people, supposedly Sikh men, attacked the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in East Park Road, where the girl had sex with some of the muslim men.

This led the police to become involved, and the girl was interviewed.

The trial continues.



  1. i agree with singh. these all corrupt dal khalsa people wont do anything.
    most of them have houses in pakistan and work for pakistani intelligence.

    • That comment is disgusting! No one should be grooming anyone. Love how MUSLIM is emphasised!!! There are many white, black, asian etc filthy people out there but religion is not mentioned then


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