Sikh Man Brutally Stabbed in Manteca, California

Gulwinder Singh was attacked after a fender bender in Stockton. Courtesy: Fox40

MANTECA, California—Manteca resident Gulwinder Singh was driving to work on the Frontage Road near Highway 99 in Stockton, when he was hit. Like any conscientious driver, he stopped and got out to exchange information. That’s when the 7 a.m. fender bender went pear shaped.

“I asked him for his license and he pulled a gun on me. And I said, ‘O.K., O.K., it’s cool, I’m leaving,’” Singh told FOX40.

Walking back to his car, the other driver attacked Singh – first hitting him in the back of the head with a rock and then pulling a knife and stabbing him repeatedly in the face.

Bloodied and confused, Singh got up off the asphalt and that’s when other drivers stepped in and his attacker took off.

Singh was taken to San Joaquin General Hospital and received 40 stitches in his ear, above his eye and on the bridge of his nose.

A day later, Singh tells FOX40 he has no idea why the other driver snapped.

“Maybe he already did something, then he wanted to escape,” Singh said.

Singh has been a San Joaquin county business owner for 13 years and says he never expected to be attacked like this.

“I drove taxi for nine years in San Francisco and this never happened to me.”



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